Sarah’s Book Announcements Coming Wednesday

sarah-autumnI can’t wait to announce two new books–just in time for Christmas! Watch the blog tomorrow morning, November 5th, for the announcements. God has been so gracious. I’m excited!


“My tongue shall speak of thy word:
for all thy commandments are righteousness.”
Psalms 119:172

7 thoughts on “Sarah’s Book Announcements Coming Wednesday”

  1. I am excited! My 14 adores your books. What a wonderful surprise she will have for Christmas. Can’t wait to order. I thank you so much for writing God honoring books for our youth.


  2. OH GOODY! I was just thinking today I need to order a book or 2, and how awesome that I can get something NEW now too!

  3. My sons were just asking when you would write another one! Hurray-not one but two! Praise God and thank you for being faithful to write such encouraging books for children! God Bless!

  4. Sarah,
    Just curious, what will you you work on now during project time?

    God Bless,

    Catch up from things that took back seat during my writing times, and also other items that needed to be done for a product launch ;).

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