Good-bye, Uriah.

It all began in December 2007, and it’s ending in November 2014. A picture is worth a thousand words.






We are so grateful to the Lord for the time we had Uriah. It was quite the journey converting him from a leaky metal box on wheels to a home. He was home for us no matter where we were.

We found out that the main chassis frame is rusting through. It is beyond our capabilities to repair, so after prayer the decision is that we won’t be traveling with him any longer. We will be back to van, cargo trailer, and hotel rooms for future conferences such as the Wichita, KS Energize! conference.

We have been so blessed for these years, but the time has come. We don’t know exactly what his fate will be. We will decide in the next two weeks. Since you all are such a part, we wanted to tell you about this new season in our lives. God is good all the time.

“O come, let us sing unto the Lord:
let us make a joyful noise to
the rock of our salvation.”
Psalm 95:1

20 thoughts on “Good-bye, Uriah.”

  1. Awwww, that’s a bummer! You all worked so hard to make that bus become home on wheels. Looking at those older photos, it’s amazing the work you accomplished to make it that way. But, with fewer of your family traveling now, it definitely makes sense financially to go back to a more scaled-down method of travel. I hope you find just the right new home for beloved Uriah.

  2. Please what ever you do I wish you all best but please cont with all blogs and books there such big help and enjoyment and encouragement

  3. I suppose the traveling and conferences will slowly come to an end. I’m sure the Lord has something special planned for the next season of your lives. I’ll be here waiting to see what it is. Good bye Uriah. God Bless you Maxwells
    Thank you.

  4. It’s such a shame! You all have done a wonderful job to create, recreate, repair and keep Uriah going with, and taking you all over faithfully. Prayer will be sent for your family and we are looking forward to see what God’s will is about your future transportation. 🙂 God bless you all!
    Thank you.

  5. Uriah has served you well as you have traveled and ministered to others. I’m sure it must seem a bit sad to no longer be using your “home on wheels” but it sure sounds like you all are doing the right thing (since he needs the major repairs). Thank you for sharing all these photos. Blessings as you all continue serving our Lord.
    Love, Mrs. Patti 🙂
    Thank you

  6. Wow, end of an era! Thanks for the photo-tour; neat to see the transformation. I know around where we live, you can get pretty good money for recycling metal parts, so maybe that could be an option.
    One of the options for sure.

  7. The Lord will always provide. As more children marry and begin their family ministry, it makes sense that God has a new perfect plan for you and yours. I am always amazed with you desire to seek God’s will for your lives and trust and obey your calling.
    Amen and may it be so.

  8. Wow!!! Was it really that long ago?!
    Well, Praise God for the blessing it’s been.
    Praying for the ease back to other travel methods.

  9. Goodbye Uriah!

    Look on another bright side..the next time you come to Oregon, maybe you can see Crater Lake now!
    There were definitely some limitations

  10. Your family’s example is very encouraging to us. Instead of grumbling and feeling sorry about a situation, you always praise God and trust that God has a plan and will provide. Prayers for your family and what He has in store for you next.
    Thank you. God is good all the time.

  11. Uriah was certainly reliable for you over the years and blessed the family with the opportunities to encourage people from all over the country. I bet John will certainly miss the bus….He spent many hours working to keep Uriah safe and running!
    We will all miss it.

  12. I am very sorry to hear this- thank you for sharing this with your readers . Love to all????
    thank you

  13. I am so sorry to hear this after all the work that has gone into Uriah over the years. God is good and I know he will provide. I guess I never realized how long I have been reading your blog until you mentioned the date of 2007. Thank you for always being a blessing to your readers.

  14. Aww…how sad 🙁 Thanks for sharing the pics – you all did an awesome job on renovating Uriah! He looks beautiful! I’ll pray for you guys to have wisdom about your next step(s). Uriah will be missed! So thankful the Lord always is our Guide Who gives wisdom in every situation!

    God bless,

  15. My first thought when I read your post was that I had just started reading your blog when you bought Uriah. Then, looking back at old posts, it was actually earlier that year, right around the time that little Susannah was born, that I first read your blog after MOTH was recommended to me. Wow – how much has changed in your family since then! Thank you for sharing your life as an example for those of us who aren’t as far down the path of parenting. And thank you for always trusting Jesus to guide you and direct your steps.
    Amen. Change is a wonderful time to see the hand of our Lord at work in our lives.

  16. Uriah (and the Maxwells) blessed my life too. I learned much from the Uriah renovation and outfitting posts and was encouraged to update my own mobile home. Fare well, Uriah. More encouraging blessings are ahead!

  17. wow…so surprised. My first thought was I hope Uriah can be a blessing to another family…even parked he would be a comfortable home for those in need.
    I’ve had many similar thoughts, but with the upkeep it doesn’t lend itself to that at all. Managing the tanks and winterizing alone, would make it more trouble than blessing. Other reasons as well, but those are a good start.

  18. I thought you’d enjoy this. I was showing my children the pictures of Uriah and they were “Wow!” ing about how big he looks. I said, “I know, I’ve been on this bus!” “Really? Have you met them?” “Yep!” “Wow mommy!”

    Too cute!
    Very cute indeed!

  19. What a blessing the bus was for the season you needed it. How exciting to see what new plans the Lord will have for travel and lodging and what new opportunities to minister will come within the new season and within His provisions. You all are always in our hearts and prayers.
    Amen and amen. Blessings.

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