Joseph and Elissa Maxwell: Wedding Pictures, Part 4

The joy continued, and we loved talking with our guests! What a blessing that they came to share in Joseph and Elissa’s special day. There were many who had driven or flown quite a distance to come. We appreciate their sacrifice of time and resources.

The reception continued the celebration of these two lives joined together. The light dinner served was delicious and afforded guests extra time to fellowship. JandE-202


Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maxwell were introduced, and then they shared some words with the group, along with thanking both sets of parents for all they did raising them.


Of course, they cut the cake.JandE-208JandE-207JandE-204JandE-215


While Joseph and Elissa greeted guests, the truck-decorating committee was hard at work. John, as a very benevolent best man, let his truck be used.  Our friend Dave did an amazing job with the writing (he thinks fonts!).

John rented a helium cylinder, so Anna manned that. They filled the entire cab with balloons.


Notice the hat and veil on the top? Very clever, John!

Then, it was time for the send off. JandE-217


Here’s an updated Maxwell family picture, with our newest addition, Elissa Maxwell.

After the reception, Christopher took some bride/groom photos. Even though the day had held a strong forecast of rain, the Lord graciously held it off.JandE-228JandE-230JandE-231JandE-233Each moment of the special day was a treasure–after all, it’s not every day you have a sibling get married! Joseph and Elissa’s wedding was a beautiful testimony of their purity, their commitment to each other, and their love and gratefulness to the Lord Jesus.


“The statutes of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart:
the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes.
Psalms 19:8

20 thoughts on “Joseph and Elissa Maxwell: Wedding Pictures, Part 4”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the wedding pictures with us. This brought joy to us and much gratefulness for our Father in heaven who created love, marriage and family and for His good rules for them!
    Here in Germany, weddings are of course a little bit different. There are no bridesmates and the like. In fact, it is really funny for us to think of standing there all the time during the ceremony (even as bride and groom)! And we don`t have the thing with the car.
    But instead in Germany the ceremony is only the beginnning. Usually there is a big buffet with fancy cakes. And in the evening there is a great dinner, games, songs being performed, photos being shown and so on (of course non christian weddings also have dancing, drinking…).
    It is such a blessing being raised up in a God-loving home. I´m sure Joseph and Elissa are able to love each other with a very pure and unselfish love! May God bless them!

    Thanks for sharing about the German weddings!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Loved seeing the pics….especially of baby Drew! Too cute!

    Drew is so cute!

  3. I know this is practically the first comment I’ve left about the wedding pictures, but I kind of wanted to wait to see all of them. It looked beautiful and joyful! I enjoyed seeing these lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing your special day with us. And congratulations to Joseph and Elissa. God bless.

    Thanks so much, Rebecca!

  4. Thank You so much for sharing into your families’ lives. It has been so encouraging in so many areas–the courtships of the children have been beautiful and such a blessing. It lets Christian families know that it can be done God’s way and not the world’s way–so encouraging!! Thank you!! Your godly example is such a blessing to us. We appreciate you very much!! The grandchildren are PRECIOUS!!
    Thanks for your encouragement. It was a joy to share all the pictures too!

  5. The clouds made a gorgeous sky in all of the outdoor pictures Congratulations to Joseph and Elissa. Thank you for sharing. Elissa and Joseph look like they are so in love! (it is a good thing!) Praise God for their testimony of their love for Jesus, each other, and their families.

  6. Aww! The photos are wonderful and really capture the joy of the day! Your friend Dave is so artistic and creative!!! I love that hat and veil on the truck, especially. Thank you for being so generous in sharing this with all of us. Have a great week, Maxwell Family!

  7. Absolutely beautiful! I receive my wedding photos tomorrow! I’ll share a photo when I receive them!
    Thank you.

  8. Loved the part where the couple thanked “both sets of parents for all they did raising them.”

    Truly they can echo Psalm 16:6 “The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places; yea, I have a goodly heritage.”

  9. Great photos, congratulations! I see you were at another wedding too- saw you on the TV broadcast of Jill Duggar’s wedding, what a lovely event. I am glad some of you got to go.

  10. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos!
    Such a sweet, special time for your family. 🙂
    God is so GOOD!!!

  11. Congratulations! May the Lord richly bless your marriage. You make a beautiful couple! 🙂

    Samantha ~ Québec

  12. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! Reminded me of my aunt’s weddings and the time I was one of those little flower girls… 😉 LOVE the cake and colors! and the new family pic. too!!! What a lovely, Godly family you all are blessed with!! Praise the Lord!


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