Joseph and Elissa Maxwell: Wedding Pictures, Part 3

So we’re on to the ceremony. Excitement continued to run high. Weddings are such a joyous occasion!


Jesse is practicing above. He played the bride’s processional.JandE-151JandE-152

Anna practicing her special “How Beautiful.”


Joseph greeted guests, which was a special touch. People love interacting with the groom!JandE-159


And it begins! Joseph seats Mom.


Joshua was such a cute ringbearer!


And the trio of flower girls–wow! So precious.


Joseph and Elissa chose sand as their symbol instead of a unity candle. I love the sand idea: it shows how the two lives become so intertwined they’re inseparable! You can’t sort the different colored sand out once it’s mixed.



Joseph invited the guests to another wedding–the marriage supper of the Lamb (Revelation 19:9).



Joseph and Elissa sang “Channels Only.” It was such a sweet thing to see them sing.JandE-199


The first kiss!JandE-201

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maxwell!

After the recessional, we played a slideshow for the guests of Joseph and Elissa’s lives. People loved it! Anna spent many hours compiling the pictures. Great job, Anna!JandE-180JandE-182

Carter played music while they dismissed guests by row. Thanks, Carter!

JandE-183“… and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”
Ecclesiastes 12:9

21 thoughts on “Joseph and Elissa Maxwell: Wedding Pictures, Part 3”

  1. Okay, that first kiss is for the books — well done, Joseph! LOL. These photos are simply lovely and full of joy. I love the bridesmaid dresses (they look like they were probably difficult to make what with the fabric and all the pleating — did Mary make them?). I love Teri’s gown/suit as well. Thank you for sharing these photos. What a beautiful day.

    We bought the dresses!

  2. Beautiful pics. I had never heard of the sand idea. It’s wonderful to marry off a son but it’s bittersweet to marry off a daughter. One of ours went to California and another is in Oklahoma.
    So happy for Joseph and Elissa. God bless you two.

  3. Beautiful photos! The dresses are beautiful and Joshua looked very handsome!
    Looks like you all had a good time.


  4. Wow Teri! You looked wonderful. And your girls were gorgeous. What a lovely wedding! LOVED the sand idea!

  5. Wow! Everything was just beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing the photos.
    I loved the sand idea–such a perfect visual for a marriage union.

  6. Beautiful pictures! So happy for them!
    LOL Good kiss, Joseph! 🙂
    The flower girls and the ring bearer are adorable! 🙂

  7. Beautiful pictures!! (Christopher did an amazing job with the photography) 🙂
    Everyone looks so wonderful and happy—especially the Bride and Groom!
    Teri made such a lovely Mother of the Groom!! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing the Wedding with us in these photos—such a special time for a precious couple.
    Praying the Lord will always bless their marriage.
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  8. Love the photos! Everyone looked happy and joyous and I agree that Teri’s outfit in particular was very flattering and lovely! Thanks once again for sharing all of this with us.

  9. nice pictures! also really like the green theme color.
    Did Mr. Maxwell marry them? Did Joseph and Elissa go on a honeymoon trip?!

    Yes, Dad married them. And, yes, ma’am, Joseph and Elissa went on a nice, long honeymoon!

  10. The dresses are all beautiful! Did Elissa pick out the bridesmaids’ dresses? I love them; they’re both stylish and modest!

  11. These pictures are so lovely! So often wedding pictures seem so worldly, but yours seem so Godly and honoring to the Lord. None of those stylish, pretty, and worldly qualities, but just simple, God-honoring pictures. May the Lord bless this new marriage! They seem perfect for each other!

  12. Beautiful pics! I must say I LOVE when couples dip for the wedding kiss! Did Joseph plan that or was it spur of the moment? Either way it is a great first kiss!

  13. Congratulations!
    Thank you for continuing this wedding series. It is such a joy to read!!
    God bless your new marriage in Him!

  14. Simple but elegant! Christopher did a splendid job on the photos. I hope he was able to make it into a family photograph.

    He did. I’ll share that photo later ;).

  15. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! Love the sand idea… Such a beautiful wedding and couple!!!!!!!!

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