A Family Kayak Trip to the Gulf of Mexico

This morning we set out a bit earlier than yesterday, because Dad needed to be back by 9:30. Jesse, who was extremely helpful again, launched us all, and then he and Anna took one of the two-seater boats. We paddled for the gulf again, and this time, we explored a different area. It was a calm morning, so the water was pretty easy-going.

I took a single-seater kayak, managed pictures, and didn’t drop my phone (very positive!). It is slightly risky to take a phone out, but if I felt I was in danger of tipping for some reason, I’d stick it back in my waterproof pouch. Now, unseen dangers such as a manatee coming up underneath you, and accidentally flipping your boat–that could pose a problem. But that didn’t happen.

On the way back, we saw some very interesting creatures that we’d seen the day before. Anna, Jesse, and Mary tried to get close but never succeeded in figuring out what they were. They seemed to be a bit like long, thick snakes (shudder).

We’ve so enjoyed our time here! We’ll be going out in the boats one final time, Lord willing, tonight. Tomorrow morning, we pack up and head for the Atlanta area.



We also saw bald eagles. If you look at where the arrow points, Mr. or Mrs. Eagle was there. 

“But I am the LORD thy God,
that divided the sea, whose waves roared:
The LORD of hosts is his name.”
Isaiah 51:15

8 thoughts on “A Family Kayak Trip to the Gulf of Mexico”

  1. I love seeing Bald Eagles. They are one of Gods beautiful creatures. There is a family that nests on the Colorado River in Bend, Texas down in the hill country. We love to go down there and spend a few days each season trying to spot them.
    I’m praying for Sarah’s iPhone. I dropped my last one in the bathtub the same night I got it. Sick over the wasted money having to replace it.
    Just wondering how you will see to navigate the river at night? Headlamps?

    We went out when it was still early (about 6:30).

  2. What beautiful photos, and so peaceful (well, until that part about the big snakes — I shuddered, too!). Glad you all are getting a couple of days to rest and enjoy nature, and that you are sharing it with us!

    We really enjoyed it! We left this morning and are now settled in Georgia. God is good.

  3. So beautiful! What beautiful handiwork of creation! We hope y’all are having a good time and enjoying the Lord’s many blessings!

  4. Sarah, I love the way you see and describe the world around you and communicate it so effectively with photos! Thanks for another great post and I’m sending travel blessings to you all.

    I’m glad you enjoyed it ;).

  5. How fun! Thanks for the pics! Glad you guys could enjoy some peaceful time alone in God’s stunningly beautiful Creation!

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