Maxwell Energize Fall Tour Schedule

Thank you for sharing in our enthusiasm about Joseph and Elissa. God is good! We’ve had an incredible weekend, and we praise the Lord for everything. I have a lot to catch you up on. We’ll be posting some more things soon.  Oh, and they’re not on this trip with us, as a few asked if they would be.

I want to share the cities we’ll be stopping at this fall with our Energize conference. Life is full, very full, and we’re grateful.

Energize! is a dynamic conference designed for refilling your family’s energy tank and encouraging you in the Lord.

If you are in the area of one of our conferences, would you do us a favor and stop by? We’d love to see you!

maxwell-energize“Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things;
so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.”
Psalms 103:5

What’s a Rattle Without a ?

At Dad’s birthday party, we had a special time celebrating another year the Lord has given Dad.

As Dad opened his gift from Christopher and Anna Marie, he was surprised to find a rattle in it. Shock, awe, and excitement infused the room. Another baby on the way!  We gave hugs to Christopher and Anna Marie and congratulated them. Ruthie and her newest sibling will likely be about a year apart — and we are thrilled.

They would appreciate prayers for Anna Marie and Baby during this time. Anna Marie has had reassuring bouts of morning (aka: you mamas know that it’s not confined to morning!) sickness, but she’s grateful for that. Joshua adores Ruthie, so I’m confident Baby #3 will be just as high on his “like” list.

Oh, announcing with a rattle is sort of a family tradition. Nathan and Melanie did it with Susannah’s news, and Christopher and Anna Marie have now done it for all three.

Joyfully His,
Sarah for the rest


“Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD:
and the fruit of the womb is his reward.”
Psalms 127:3

We’re on the Road!

Wow. That word describes what it’s like to prepare for being on the road for 5 weeks. I’m so grateful for everyone who pitches in to get all the necessary things ready. From cleaning the bus, to maintenance on the bus, to loading it, to all the food details, to your own personal packing, including laundry and ironing, to details regarding the Titus2 shipping while we’re away (friends kindly ship for us), to keeping up with conferences and publicity–wow. I’m grateful for the Lord’s sustaining grace. It’s always nice to be on our way–it’s a relaxful feeling knowing that you’re finally ready.

We are in prayer for this trip and look forward to what the Lord will do!

Joyfully His,

Making a birthday present for Mommy (Melanie)
Making a birthday present for Mommy (Melanie)

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“But take diligent heed to do the commandment and the law,
which Moses the servant of the LORD charged you,
to love the LORD your God, and to walk in all his ways,
and to keep his commandments, and to cleave unto him,
and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul.”
Joshua 22:5

Mount Harvard and Mount Columbia: Part 1

Even though it started out as a regular 14er morning, we knew this one would be our hardest yet. Some of the family opted for tackling both Harvard and Columbia, while Dad, Mom, and I chose to only try for Columbia (15 miles and 6200 ft versus 11 miles and 4500 feet of elevation gain).

Joseph, John, Anna, Jesse, and Mary, whom I’ll refer to as Team A, started early–as in 2:30 am. Dad, Mom, and I–Team B–began about 4:15. Headlamps and flashlights were the mode of illuminating the trail. Unfortunately, at one point, Jesse lost his headlamp down a steep hill, and John, being the hero, retrieved it, so all was well. I can’t imagine hiking a 14er by yourself, especially starting before light. There’s comfort in being with a group. There’s just something about walking through the forest and wondering what is “out there” that you can’t see.


Team A found the trail to Mount Harvard pleasant. The first part of the hike was just ticking down the miles and walking through the forest, without much of an incline. For the double climb everyone started at the same trailhead, and then about 4 miles up at a trail junction, Mount Columbia’s trail splits from the main trail, while Mount Harvard continues on. Then, after a person summits Harvard, they can traverse the ridge to Columbia (that sounds too easy the way I wrote it: wait until you read how it really went). Team A helped Dad, Mom, and I locate our trail (it isn’t marked with a sign) as that split is hard to find. Jesse used GPS coordinates, and about mile 4, they found the correct turn off. Team A collected lots of rocks and made a big rock cairn so we wouldn’t miss it. They also wrote a note on a paper towel and then continued on their trek.

IMG_4868Meanwhile, Team B plodded along. We started out later as we wanted to reach the tree-line about dawn; if we began too early, we would face a very difficult section of trail in the dark, which we didn’t want to do.

Both teams had radios, and after some time, we were in range and could communicate. As the dark sky lightened, we could see clouds already forming. That is typically not a good thing. Conversation was pleasant in both groups as we enjoyed God’s creation and watched the sun rise.


“They go up by the mountains;
they go down by the valleys
unto the place which thou
hast founded for them.”
Psalms 104:8