Our Gulf Adventure

7:45 am: We prepare for today’s adventure. Jesse is an awesome help getting everyone’s boats out and in the water, and then he’s the last one to launch.

Today, I’m with Mary in a “two-seater,” and we all set out toward the gulf (my personal favorite destination in this area). After the deluge of rain yesterday afternoon and evening, the morning proves beautiful with a gentle breeze. We pass by some houses and then leave those behind for tall rushes and palm trees. The tide is going out with us, so this part is easy.



We see a gorgeous rainbow as we get close to the gulf.IMG_4051

IMG_4074IMG_4077Mary is very gracious and paddles for both of us, while I take iPhone pictures. Since she is in the back of the boat, we turn the boat around so I can get a picture with the gulf in the background.

IMG_4078The gentle waves and rocking of the boat is great. We decide not to go out too far into the gulf because there are some storm clouds in the area, so we take a channel that parallels the gulf. Often the channel opens into the gulf, but we continue on to the next part of the channel. Some wade in the shallow areas. The lighting and colors are gorgeous today.



I marvel at God’s creation. He makes the tide come in and go out at certain times.

Although we don’t see any manatees today, it won’t surprise me if some passed by without us noticing. When the water is choppy, and you don’t have a clear view, that would be easy to have happen!

The rest of the day we spend doing “home projects.” We are so grateful for this special place to catch up and be ready for our last three conferences.


“The LORD on high is mightier
than the noise of many waters,
yea, than the mighty waves of the sea.”
Psalms 93:4

10 thoughts on “Our Gulf Adventure”

  1. The colors in these pictures are magnificent. Good job Mary driving the boat while Sarah takes pics. By the way, is there anything Mary can’t do these days? She’s really grown up and the sky is the limit looks like. So glad ya’ll are having fun on your off days.

  2. WOW! I hope you are all refreshed. the rainbow was a beautiful treat. I can’t help but wonder if you saw any gators?

    No gators that we noticed ;).

  3. Thanks for sharing. It is Wonderful to think of and enjoy all the varied beauty in His creation that God allows us to experience. Amazing!

  4. Looks like fun! My husband and I went to Florida on our honeymoon and did some kayaking there, but unfortunately we had a lot of biting flies – ouch! That was early June when we went, though. It looks like you didn’t have so many bugs. Is it strange having more gals than guys at home now? You ladies have always been outnumbered, but not anymore, haha! 😀

    We did have a great time. Sorry about your biting flies. We’ve definitely had mosquitoes this time. Yes, it is different now with our numbers, but we’re so happy for Joseph! Can’t wait to see Elissa and Joseph soon!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! The Rainbow was beautiful! Looks like you all had a great time! God Bless

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