The Day Before: Part 4

Even with our crazy-busy summer, my mom and sisters managed to plan and prepare for the rehearsal dinner, with help from our friends. They chose the colors of turquoise and yellow as their theme, along with sunflowers that were fresh picked. Yes, you read that right. Tuesday afternoon, the day before we left for the wedding, John took Mary and a friend to a sunflower field. The owner allows people to cut sunflowers for a donation. From there, Mary diligently took care of them, got them in buckets (with help from Anna), and successfully transported them all the way to the wedding. They added a cheerful touch to the evening!

After dinner, we had a time of prayer for Joseph and Elissa. What a joy! Then, John shared some great stories from the past, along with a bit of advice to Elissa. Joseph finished with a special song he’d written for Elissa. They are such a sweet couple!

We are so grateful to our friends who helped prepare dinner and serve it. They blessed us!

Now we’re done with the day before, and we’ll be on to wedding pictures and finishing out “the story.”




The “You are My Sunshine” board above is something Joseph made as a countdown board for the last month. Every day, Elissa clipped a little note up that Joseph wrote to her. rehearsal-2039rehearsal-2047rehearsal-2063




“The preparations of the heart in man,
and the answer of the tongue, is from the LORD.”
Proverbs 16:1

10 thoughts on “The Day Before: Part 4”

  1. Great pictures! They look so happy and in love. I just love sunflowers. The food table looks delish. What was on the menu?

  2. Any chance we might be able to hear the song Joseph wrote and sang to Elissa?
    Don”t know, but we’ll see.

  3. Very nice sunflowers! Is Melanie holding Drew? If so he is getting big fast! Can’t wait to see more posts!

    Yes, that’s Drew. He’s really growing.

  4. The color theme is so pretty. the sunflowers was a great idea. Great that they held up well for the wedding. Lots of special ideas makes it really unique and
    special memories.
    Thank you for sharing the photos.

  5. What a beautiful setup! Turquoise is one of my favorite colors. 🙂 Love the pic of Drew-he’s getting so big! Looking forward to wedding pics!!

  6. Oh my word that board is so sweet and heart warming! Now who taught Joseph to be this romantic now? 😉 That is just super precious and super cute! You can see the happiness and love they both have for each other in just those pictures alone 🙂

    He’s a creative guy!

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