15 thoughts on “Joseph and Elissa Maxwell, A Wedding Picture”

  1. What a sweet pic. I am so happy for Joseph. I was in one of his classes and he was such a nice, kind and gentle man. PLT that God has sent him a beautiful wife.

  2. Beautiful! You can just see the love and happiness they both have for each other from that picture alone! Such a beautiful couple. So happy that God brought these two together. Your family is growing so much! I’m sure your parents are thrilled to be gaining another daughter-in-love (as my father-in-law calls me from time to time 🙂 ). I’m sure ya’ll are excited to have another sister! I’m from a family of 2 brothers and 6 sisters, so when my brothers started courting their now wives, my father told them (my brothers) “Now that you’re courting, be careful of your sisters because they will be hard on you and not your potential spouse. They will make sure you can take care of their future sister so be wise!” We definitely made sure our brothers were loving, respectful, and caring to their potential spouse and it definitely paid off ;). From that picture alone, I can already see Joseph being a VERY loving, respectful and caring husband and in response, Elissa will be a loving, sweet, and caring helpmeet for Joseph! Beautiful, Sarah 🙂

    Thanks. They are so perfect for each other! We are thrilled to have Elissa as a sister-in-love now.

  3. Beautiful bride, handsome groom, lovely picture! Thanks for sharing!

    Your blog has been pretty exciting lately – you all certainly have a lot going on these days! 🙂
    It has been! Life can change quickly!

  4. Beautiful couple! You can see the joy radiating from them! God bless them both!

    Love and blessings from New Jersey,

    Lisa and Hannah

  5. SO happy for Joseph and Elissa!! 🙂
    Love this photo – – so sweet.
    Praying that the Lord will always bless this precious couple.
    Love, Mrs. Patti 🙂

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