The Day Before: Part 1

I cannot begin to tell you how cute a couple and how perfectly matched Joseph and Elissa are! We have been so anxiously awaiting their wedding. I just love to watch the two of them and how their love has blossomed.

Friday morning, we made quite a parade as we drove to the church with just about all the cars available from our family and Elissas family filled with wedding things. When we arrived, Joseph and Elissa had a list of the jobs that were needing to get done, and we all set to work.

The first task was to get everything unloaded from the cars. We all love being busy. DSC_0200


Mary and Elissa
Mary and Elissa


It sure was a busy morning as one project was done, and sometimes before you were finished with it, someone was looking for you, requesting help.

We set about cleaning chairs, rearranging things, decorating with tulle and lights, putting on the pew bows, setting up sound, decorating for the rehearsal dinner, cooking for the rehearsal dinner, and the list could go on. There was a special air of excitement as everyone flew around and finished their tasks.

We set some of the tables up for the rehearsal dinner, while others were made ready for the reception.
We set some of the tables up for the rehearsal dinner, while others were made ready for the reception.
The happy bride
The happy bride

DSC_0219 DSC_0241DSC_0329

Part 2 next up!

Serving Jesus,

“My soul shall be satisfied as with
marrow and fatness;

and my mouth shall praise
thee with joyful lips.”

Psalms 63:5

7 thoughts on “The Day Before: Part 1”

  1. I love seeing the pictures. I was wondering…of course everyone is entitled to their privacy, but why the decision not to share any of the relationship with the blog publicly? Just curious 🙂
    For the privacy of the bride’s family we decided to do this one differently.

  2. Wow! Congratulations to Joseph and his new bride! God is so, so good. I read your blog all the time and it is a constant source of encouragement to me. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news!

  3. My adult daughter and I have had a lovely time looking at these photos together. It is such an encouragement for both of us to hear about Christian young people who met their spouses through courting not dating. I admit I’m a bit of a nervous nelly about the whole courtship process. I only know families of young children who have set this standard, not anybody with children who are actually old enough to court.

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