Cookeville, Tennessee, Here We Are

We’ve switched gears from wedding to conference. These past few days we’ve spent catching up and preparing for this conference season. God has been so gracious to our family. Yes, it’s been crazy-busy this summer, but He’s enabled us to get everything done we need to. We will miss Joseph, yet we’re delighted with Elissa and what God will do with their new family.  Joseph was a key component in our music, so the others have been practicing and trying to regroup. I’m amazed at how much Jesse’s voice is sounding like Joseph’s, and I’m anxious to hear them live tomorrow night in Greensboro.

Our first stop is Cookeville, Tennessee tonight, and I’ll share through pictures later. Tomorrow we drive to North Carolina where we’ll do a conference in Greensboro.

We look forward to meeting some of y’all.


Garden time
Garden time
The girls made cards one day.
The girls made cards one day.

“O bless our God, ye people,
and make the voice of his praise to be heard.”
Psalms 66:8

4 thoughts on “Cookeville, Tennessee, Here We Are”

  1. That sounds a little tough – to replace a key member of your musical group. But I bet Jesse’s up to the task! Hope you all have a great performance!
    He did fantastic tonight in Greensboro. All three of them did.

  2. Safe travels and thank you so much for all the photos of the happy new couple and the wedding prep. Such fun and joy!

  3. Maxwell family, we are so grateful for your continued ministry & willingness to keep sharing your time & talents. This will be the second year we have “missed” being able to attend due to a family trip that was planned in the early spring. Great blessings as you share of your lives & experiences with our friends!
    Maybe next year!
    The C family

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