Our Gulf Adventure

7:45 am: We prepare for today’s adventure. Jesse is an awesome help getting everyone’s boats out and in the water, and then he’s the last one to launch.

Today, I’m with Mary in a “two-seater,” and we all set out toward the gulf (my personal favorite destination in this area). After the deluge of rain yesterday afternoon and evening, the morning proves beautiful with a gentle breeze. We pass by some houses and then leave those behind for tall rushes and palm trees. The tide is going out with us, so this part is easy.



We see a gorgeous rainbow as we get close to the gulf.IMG_4051

IMG_4074IMG_4077Mary is very gracious and paddles for both of us, while I take iPhone pictures. Since she is in the back of the boat, we turn the boat around so I can get a picture with the gulf in the background.

IMG_4078The gentle waves and rocking of the boat is great. We decide not to go out too far into the gulf because there are some storm clouds in the area, so we take a channel that parallels the gulf. Often the channel opens into the gulf, but we continue on to the next part of the channel. Some wade in the shallow areas. The lighting and colors are gorgeous today.



I marvel at God’s creation. He makes the tide come in and go out at certain times.

Although we don’t see any manatees today, it won’t surprise me if some passed by without us noticing. When the water is choppy, and you don’t have a clear view, that would be easy to have happen!

The rest of the day we spend doing “home projects.” We are so grateful for this special place to catch up and be ready for our last three conferences.


“The LORD on high is mightier
than the noise of many waters,
yea, than the mighty waves of the sea.”
Psalms 93:4

Where We Are

We have been blessed with several days of R&R at a river house near the Gulf. Special friends have lovingly given us time here!

Despite the inches and inches of rain this area of Florida is receiving, we’ve managed some time out on the water (without rain!) and look forward to more. We’re here until Thursday when we move to the Atlanta area. I’ll leave you with some pictures from today. We had an amazing conference this past weekend outside of Orlando.

Pretty good stuff here, guys.
Pretty good stuff here, guys.
Follow the leader, and please, keep up your pace.
Follow the leader, and please, keep up your pace.
It's shore wet out here (a Florida egret).
It’s shore wet out here (a Florida egret).


“Yea, the stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times;
and the turtle and the crane and the swallow
observe the time of their coming;
but my people know not the judgment of the LORD.”
Jeremiah 8:7

Savannah, Georgia


Our sweet friends hosted our Savannah conference Thursday night. It was unusual because it was a sister–brother team who were the actual conference coordinators! The Charleston conference was coordinated by an older teen girl too. I believe those three were the youngest coordinators we have had. They all did superbly well! The P family was also very generous to provide a delicious dinner before the conference started.

There was one mom at the conference who had just started homeschooling a week before under difficult circumstances. She was so overwhelmed by where to start. She came to the conference, and afterward she said it was just what she needed to give her direction and encouragement! How exciting!

Mom said she had the liveliest group of ladies in her session so far. They laughed and seemed to have a wonderful time as she talked about how to have an awesome day.

We also enjoyed parking again overnight at the L family’s home and fellowshipping with them in addition to catching up with necessary work. They had dinner for us and allowed us to make ourselves at home in their home.



An adorable 7-month old.
A sweet lady who invited quite a few to the conference.


Our brother-sister coordinators.
Our brother-sister coordinators.

 “I will sing unto the LORD,
because he hath dealt bountifully with me.”
Psalms 13:6

Joseph and Elissa Maxwell: Wedding Pictures Part 2

Elissa’s dress was gorgeous.


Tina’s not too thrilled with her headband–at first.

Now she’s all smiles.



Mary spent many hours on the flower girl sewing project. Her time was filled this summer, so Anna Marie helped out and made the flowers that went on the dresses.

Nathan and his girls.

Time went quickly, and excitement continued to build. Now, onto the girls’ formals. We had such fun together.







“Both young men, and maidens;
old men, and children:
Let them praise the name of the LORD:
for his name alone is excellent;
his glory is above the earth and heaven.”
Psalms 148:12-13

Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina

When we arrived in the Charleston area, it was raining, but we felt very welcome by everyone’s graciousness. The J family was so sweet to provide a taco salad dinner! Thank you.

I really enjoy listening to Mom’s new session about how to have an awesome day. I can see how inspired the ladies get when Mom reminds them of their worth and then gives practical ways for their days to go smoothly. I hope you will come and hear her secret to success!






“A man hath joy by the answer of his mouth:
and a word spoken in due season, how good is it!”
Proverbs 15:23

Boone, North Carolina

A special thank you to Mary for helping with blog posts. She’s also been the one to pick out the majority of the wedding photos–thank you! We are here in the Orlando area now enjoying a wonderful conference!


Boone, North Carolina, home of Samaritan’s Purse International ministry, was our Monday night conference. Our conference coordinator had suggested that we might like to take a tour of Samaritan’s facilities, which she signed us up for and joined us on. It was great, and we were delighted for the opportunity.

We enjoyed all the hospitable and friendly people at the church. After setup was complete, our coordinators provided a delicious snack-dinner.

Dad and Mom once again inspired many. We had a wonderful time of fellowship, meeting many neat people.



Jimmy, a great guy from the church where the conference was, and John

“Some trust in chariots, and some in horses:
but we will remember the name of the LORD our God.”
Psalms 20:7