Four Day Home Stretch

We arrived home last night, and we have much to accomplish between now and Wednesday. Yes, we leave Wednesday to visit friends and then after that our first stop on our fall tour is Cookeville, Tennessee, September 11th. We’re excited to see where the Lord leads us!

I will catch you up on a few more Colorado posts later. After our intense day Monday, the next three days we took it easy. We enjoyed a pretty drive up to Independence Pass one of those days.

We’re grateful for the special time away to recharge and reenergize after a crazy-busy summer and a busy fall ahead!



Yesterday was a beautiful day!
Yesterday was a beautiful day!

That thou givest them they gather:
thou openest thine hand,
they are filled with good.”

Psalms 104:28

One thought on “Four Day Home Stretch”

  1. You’re always sooo busy. !!! I don’t know how you fit everything in a day and still stay so cheerful and organised !! I love how you are all so obviously looking forward to your next trip.
    The Lord always helps our time stretch ;).

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