Mount Huron: Part 1

It’s dark, cold, and early, but the stars are sparkling against the sky. The time is 3:47 am. Yes. It’s a 14er morning.

After Bible time and prayer, you finish packing your Camelbak. You hope you have everything essential for the day. Oh, and you make sure to wish Mary a happy birthday.

5:02, everyone loads up in the van and John’s truck. Since we’ve stayed on Kansas time, it’s actually 4 local time. We don’t pass a single vehicle as we drive along the main road. After we turn off onto the county road, we see the headlights of other vehicles following us. John’s truck takes the washboard fine, but the van’s suspension makes for a rougher (and that’s even with airing down the tires) ride.


About 6, we made it to an area where we parked the van. Then, we waited a bit for some light before piling into the truck for our final part of the drive. John’s truck did awesome across the rock-laden, pot-hole-and-beyond “road.” He saved us several miles of hiking! Thanks, John.



We get to the trailhead and try to disembark quietly, since campers are in the area, and it’s still early. It’s cold, quite cold, probably in the 30’s.

Our goal this time had been to hike without headlamps, so it was refreshing not to begin in the dark. We are not quite sure what we have ahead, but we’re looking forward to it. The sun’s rays hit nearby mountains giving us gorgeous scenery. We soak it in, as we hike along the trail.

Mary and Anna



Part 2 up next!

“Bless the LORD, O my soul.
O LORD my God, thou art very great;
thou art clothed with honour and majesty.”
Psalms 104:1

4 thoughts on “Mount Huron: Part 1”

  1. I’m loving these posts about your time in Colorado! What a beautiful place to spend time with your family. I’m not a hiker myself, though I’d love to be, so I was really working hard to guess what a “14er” might be. After watching a show about Colorado I did some research on Pike’s Peak and learned, by coincidence, what a 14er is! Very impressive accomplishment for ya’ll! Stay safe, warm and have a wonderful time with your family!!

  2. These photos are beautiful. I don’t enjoy hiking and would most certainly fail on a 14er, so it’s nice to have you do the work of bringing the experience and beauty to me — thank you! LOL. I imagine you can train for hikes like these at home from a strength perspective, but the elevation means thinner air. Do you find that a concern or challenge?
    The elevation is a real challenge.

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