Sharing Christ: Part 1, Sarah’s Thoughts

Last night, some of our family (not everyone was available) went to the county fair. The purpose was to engage people in conversation and share Jesus.

We decided to split the report and pictures into several posts, so you’ll hear from a few of us. So stay tuned!


Sarah’s Thoughts: At first, I took pictures, but then I decided it was time to take the plunge. I spotted two teenage girls eating hot dogs, and I asked them if they’d like to take a survey. They readily agreed. I said if they got eight of the Ten Commandments right, they’d get $5. Clearly, they liked that idea. It’s a very simple way to witness.

On my clipboard, I had a little sheet that listed the Ten Commandments, and I checked them off as people said them. I also told them they didn’t need to give them word perfect–just the concept. I also didn’t set a time limit.

With groups of teenagers, you can get some real synergy going, as they all work together, discuss, and try to come up with the commandments. You can tell they like it, because of the way they interacted with me and asked me to tell them how many they had gotten or to read off the ones they had. They were very engaged. Afterward, I gave them a Trillion Dollar bill tract or Are You a Good Person? tract. One group of girls I had shared with and had earned their $5, stopped to talk later on. They said the $5 had been perfect because they had been headed back for $5 more for their ride!


DSC_7546I loved sharing Jesus last night. I’ll admit at first, it took me out of my comfort zone to walk up to someone, but as soon I took that step, it was awesome. It gave people opportunities to think about eternity. It’s forever.

The girl behind our trip last night—my sister, Mary. She has such a heart for sharing Jesus: it has been an example to me. You should see her face glow, and it’s inspired me. Sharing Jesus through the Ten Commandment survey, followed by however the Spirit prompts, is so easy. Just go equipped with $5 bills. You’ll need them!


Camera in hand.
Camera in hand.

“And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire...”
Jude 1:23

8 thoughts on “Sharing Christ: Part 1, Sarah’s Thoughts”

  1. I thought you might have been at the fair. I love the idea of the survey as a lead-in to sharing your faith. What a great way to engage!

  2. I’m curious — did you give the teens you spoke with their scorecard? If not, I think that would also be one more way to have them remember the ones they missed and maybe (hopefully) help them remember them/ponder them. If I were given something like that, I’d stuff it in my pocket and then look at it later and think “hey, I should probably know this!”. But that’s me. It’s an innovative approach, the $5, and brilliant at a place like the fair where a hotdog is probably twice that price. Did you rent a booth? Good job spreading the word to the younger set with something they can relate to!
    No booth this year. They were given a track that lists them and encouraged to be ready for next year.

  3. I wondered if you had gone back to the fair. What a wonderful way to share God’s word with fair goers. Truly wonderful.

    OT: What camera and lens are you using/do you use?

    blessings, Mari
    I use a Nikon D800, and that night, I used my 2.8 80-200mm. Generally, though, I use my 2.8 28-75mm, but lately I’ve been using my 50mm 1.4, so I guess it depends ;).

  4. Praise God!!!
    What a great post. Thanks for being such a great example and encouragement of a godly family.

  5. Sarah, evangelising is always hard for me, as well. I never want to feel as though I’m “intruding” on others. Yet we all know how very important is the call to share the gospel. So when I compare that small “intrusion” to spending eternity with our Lord, I know that my feeling uncomfortable during the conversation is a very small price to pay, indeed, if it helps draw others nearer to God. Blessings to you all!
    Bless you, Sister! Yes, I know it can be hard, but God so blesses when we share. I’m amazed at how quickly His joy floods me as I start sharing ;).

  6. Sounds like you were able to really reach out to a lot of people.What a wonderful idea!God bless you.

  7. I pray the Lord will continue this good work in you all and that the seeds you planted will one day bring fruit!Thank you for sharing this with us!

  8. How wonderful you and other family members are doing this, Sarah! I’m sure you all are such a blessing to others, and are reaching many lives. I enjoyed seeing those cute photos too. 🙂

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