Photos from Thursday

We’re on our way home after a great weekend conference. Thursday’s drive went well. One exciting bit of news: Mary finished outlining the Bible! Outlining the Bible is part of her high school graduation requirements, and she’s been diligently working on it for quite some time.  It was awesome to see her complete it that afternoon. Good job, Mary!

I was anxious to see our first view of the mountains, and Mary was the spotter. I love seeing God’s creation!

We pulled into the church parking lot before 9. We were so grateful for the Lord’s protection as we drove. I’ll be sharing a conference report later!


Hooray! Good job, Mary!
Hooray! Good job, Mary!
We saw a crop duster. Amazing how low they fly.
We saw a crop duster. Amazing how low they fly.
In action
In action
Jesse cleaning the windshield.
Jesse cleaning the windshield.
Joseph filling the tank.
Joseph filling the tank.


“O how love I thy law!
it is my meditation all the day.”
Psalms 119:97

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  1. Good for you, Mary! That’s so exciting! Do you know when you will graduate then?
    She still has a bit more to accomplish but it should be this fall!

  2. Great job Mary! That must have been a big project! I would love to hear more about the Bible outlines (what are the requirements, what resources you use, a sample of a chapter, etc.). It sounds like something that could greatly benefit any student – or parent! 🙂
    I guess there’s quite a bit of interest in this. We’ll see what we can do ;).

  3. I’m wondering what you mean by outlining the Bible. Thought it would be something I’d be interested in as well.

  4. Dear Maxwells,

    I love hearing that you travelled safely and without incident, and that the first Energize Conference was a success. Prayers were being offered for those specific intentions.


    Cate and family
    Thank you for praying. You are a blessing, Mrs. Cate!

  5. Mary,exactly what did you do in outlining the Bible? I take notes, hightlight, constantly. How long did it take you? My 16 year son wants to be a missionary so badly so I was thinking this would be a great addition to his Bible study. Any help or ideas you could give would be wonderful. Thank you and Congrats!!
    We’ll try to get some more info on this soon! Great question!

  6. We are so excited you are scheduled to visit Orlando in September! Is there anything we can do to encourage / help.
    Thank you so much. Email the coordinator and ask her. Seems more help is a blessing when spreading the word. 🙂

  7. I would love to read a post on Mary’s outlining the Bible project. I outlined books of the Bible in college, but the entire Bible is an amazing high school project. I would love to do this with our kiddos. 🙂
    Great idea! We’ll see what we can do.

  8. I have a son starting high school this fall and have been looking for a project for him to do through out his high school. I would love to what exactly the assignment is. Your family has been such an encouragement to us. 🙂
    Hope your trip and conference went well and that many were encouraged.
    Thanks. I’ll see what we can do for a post. Trip was great!

  9. I would also LOVE a post on your outlining the Bible project!!
    I have been searching for some Bible tools for my 2 high schoolers.
    Also, could you do a write-up on your Graduation requirements?
    Loved the pics of your trip-God’s creation is amazing!

  10. I’m glad everything went well at the conference. I’m glad to hear you will be visiting Orlando as well. Last time we saw you in person was when your family had a conference in Pinellas Park. Maybe we will be able to see you again. Your family is such a blessing. 🙂
    Interested as well how Mary outlined the Bible. Please share. Good job, Mary!! What a wonderful accomplishment!
    Mary the Lord continue to guide your steps in the direction He wants you to go as you minister to others.

  11. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question. Yes, as you can tell from the response, there are lots of us who would love reading & learning how Mary did her study. My son, who has been to several 3rd world countries over the years, is studying to be a missionary; therefore, this would be a great addition to his schedule. Again, good job face shows the joy!! Now, go, rest and enjoy all the kids esp. new little Drew! Blessings, Wendy

  12. LOVE crop dusters! Out in the farm lands where we live, the farmers use them to spray the fields. We always love to watch the plane fly low. It’s almost low enough to touch. ;D

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