Welcome Home, Andrew!

Yesterday, about 1 p.m., Drew joined his happy family at home. We praise the Lord for such a quick introduction to life for a preemie. He’s a little cutie!



Anna holding Drew.
Anna holding Drew.

“Who can utter the mighty acts of the LORD?
who can shew forth all his praise?
Blessed are they that keep judgment,
and he that doeth righteousness at all times.”
Psalms 106:2-3

25 thoughts on “Welcome Home, Andrew!”

  1. There is great rejoicing in our house, we thank The Lord with you, Thank you for your posts.
    You’re welcome! I love to update you all as I can.

  2. Such good news!
    Thank you so much for keeping us updated. We’ll continue the prayers as he grows in years and strength and wisdom.


  3. Praise to the Lord!!!!
    What a great blessing it is to have them all together!
    Thanks for updating!

  4. Yea!! Let the fun and spoiling (read: loving) little brother begin! The photo with the little girls on the front porch cracks me up as Bethany was caught mid-jump and clapping her hands; she is so excited. Andrew is a beautiful baby, and it is great to know they are all home.

    In Christ,


  5. Yay! Welcome home, Drew! I’m sure Melanie is also glad to be home (assuming she was in the hospital that whole time, right?). Now the fun of creating new family memories begins. Enjoy settling in, Baby Drew! P.S. Loved the mid-air photo of Bethany jumping — pure enthusiasm and joy!
    I hadn’t realized she was in mid-air when I first chose the picture. 😉

  6. We are so thankful to hear how God has been working in your family! Since your family has been our guest in May 2011, the Lord has blessed my husband, and I with two more blessings. Nathaniel was born June of that same year and we also have a Drew who turned a year old this May! Children truly are a rich treasure! May the Lord continue to bless your family!
    Thanks! Congratulations on your two little ones!

  7. Praise the Lord!!! Praise the Lord!!! and Praise Him more!!! So happy for all of you. What a precious answer to prayer!
    Thanks. Yes, indeed, an answer to prayer!

  8. What an answer to prayer! Andrew looks so sweet and healthy. I’m sure he’ll be getting stronger every day with all of the love, hugs and nourishment that he’ll be receiving. Congratulations, we couldn’t be happier for the gift that God has given your family – a new soul to live for eternity!

  9. I am glad little Drew is home! I bet you guys are so happy. 🙂 God has definitely helped him (and Melanie) through…

    In Christ,


  10. Praise the Lord for this wonderful news!!
    I am so happy that little Drew is home and Nathan and Melanie’s family can all be together now (at HOME!). 😉
    Love all the cute photos—especially the sisters welcoming him home, and the photo of Drew (he’s beautiful!). 🙂
    I will continue praying for Drew, Melanie, and all their family.
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  11. My goodness, how sweet! Praise the Lord for y’all’s little blessing! So he’s basically completely healthy?
    They have some follow up appointments they would be grateful for prayer for.

  12. Praise the Lord!Welcome home,Drew.Love the photo of the girls on the step waving,so precious.And baby Drew is very cute!Thank you for keeping us updated.

  13. Praise the Lord!
    We will continue to keep all in our prayers!
    Love & Prayers~
    The M Family

  14. It gave me a very settled feeling in my heart to see Drew home with his family. I’m so grateful for the Lord’s blessing on Nathan and Melanie, and the girls. Praying on for smooth transitions, and rest for mama and baby!

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