Thank You For Praying For Andrew

I’m not really sure how to convey our gratitude for your prayers for Andrew. He had a rough start, but he has improved all week long. Thank you for praying! I also love to see specific answers to prayer. One mom told me in an e-mail that she’d prayed against the brady’s and was delighted to see the improvement. I know comments left have indicated various prayers. It is awesome to see the answers!

Here’s the latest. It’s possible Drew could come home tomorrow (Monday). Amazing after only being in the NICU for 9 days and being 5 weeks premature. He hasn’t had any significant brady’s, and one of the requirements for coming home was that he not have a brady that required stimulation for 5 days. So far, so good, and tomorrow is the 5th day. Friday night, he transitioned from the enclosed, temperature controlled special NICU bed to a crib–and he got to wear pajamas. So cute! He’s still not doing great in the weight gain category, and his bilirubin (billy) numbers rose since yesterday. The little girls got to hold him last night (see pictures), and they enjoyed it. I asked Abby what kind of noises he made, and she imitated a cute little grunt for me–perfect replication.

Thank you, dear friends, for your prayer support. Drew has made such great progress this past week. Please be praying that he’ll gain weight and his billy numbers will go down.



Drew's first night (Friday) in a big-boy bed.
Drew’s first night (Friday) in a big-boy bed.
Abby adores her little brother. She made the hat he's wearing in this picture.
Abby adores her little brother. She made the hat he’s wearing in this picture.
He's so tiny, well, compared to Ruthie.
He’s so tiny, well, compared to Ruthie.
Big sister and little brother!
Big sister and little brother!
Joseph with Drew.
Joseph with Drew.
Anna Marie and Drew.
Anna Marie and Drew.
Mary with Drew.
Mary with Drew.

“And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee:
for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee.”
Psalms 9:10

9 thoughts on “Thank You For Praying For Andrew”

  1. Oh, praise the Lord! His mercy endures forever! I am so happy to hear this news– we will keep praying many, many blessings on the whole Maxwell family! Thank you for letting us share in your trials and in your joy. The Lord is so good!

  2. What an answer to prayer! We are excited for you all (especially Andrew)! We will keep praying for: strength and encouragement for the family; for decreasing bilirubin levels; for wisdom for the doctors and nurses; and God’s grace through the whole process!

  3. Thanks again for another update!
    We will be praying specifically for those positive changes needed.

  4. Oh, I was so thrilled by the news! I’ve been praying for little Drew (My nephew is also named Andrew and called Drew.) that he would get to go home soon. I’ll keep praying. He’s so adorable!

  5. Such great news! We are praying for Drew’s billy numbers and weight gain so he can go home. The photos are simply precious — thank you for posting them. I can’t believe Abigail made his hat, nice work! In any event, it sounds like he will likely go home sometime this week which is an amazing blessing considering the challenges he has had. Praise God! And enjoy Drew’s homecoming when it happens!

  6. Such great news! All my kids had billy issues but mild enough to come home. Hospital suggested “sun baths” (inside, not outside) to help. I’d keep their heads in the shade but their bodies in the sun while lying on a blanket. Check with the doctors. 🙂 Love the precious pics of the girls with their brother. <3

    Blessings to the entire Maxwell family.

  7. I want to hold him! I hope he came home today too. Praying for continuing improvements for this little guy. He is a blessing and how cute he is. He has three beautiful big sisters too. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Thank you for sharing the pictures. It is a privilege to pray for Drew, and his family.

  8. What sweet photos of baby Drew! I will continue to pray for him and the entire family. Thanks for sharing.

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