Andrew: An Alert Little Guy

We praise the Lord for Drew’s continued improvement! He looks so different without his oxygen tubes, and we’re grateful his body has adjusted. Three wonderful things happened yesterday: Nathan got to hold him for the first time, they capped his IV, and he had no significant Brady’s! Step-by-step progress. God is good!

Sarah for the rest

He thinks his Uncle John is pretty nice.
He thinks his Uncle John is pretty nice.
A little grin.
A little grin.
A happy mommy and her son!
A happy mommy and her son!
A happy daddy and his son!
A happy daddy and his son!

“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace,
whose mind is stayed on thee:
because he trusteth in thee.
Trust ye in the LORD for ever:
for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength.”
Isaiah 26:3-4

29 thoughts on “Andrew: An Alert Little Guy”

  1. He is absolutely precious! I have been following Drew’s progress and cried tears of joy with this update. As one who had an infant in NICU years ago, this is wonderful news! Praising God for his mercies!

  2. Thank you for another wonderful update. Andrew looks amazingly alert and so delightfully plump and healthy! He looks more like a 3 month old than a preemie! We are thanking God for sending such a precious blessing, and praying that they will soon be home.

  3. Praise God!!!!
    He’s really so adorable. He also seems very alert. How great!
    Praise God for the positive changes and we are continuing to pray for all.

  4. Oh my he’s just beautiful! Praise God for all of his improvements. Praying he’ll be home soon with his sisters. 🙂

  5. Praise be to God! What an adorable little man, prayers continuing 🙂
    We think he’s adorable too, but maybe we’re a little biased?!

  6. I am so glad Andrew is doing well- he is so beautiful. 🙂 God is defintiely good! I will continue praying for the whole family.


  7. oh yay!! all glory to God for drew’s progress! was melanie able to go into labor and have him without a c-section this time? praising God with you all from the left coast =)
    No C 🙂

  8. Praise The Lord! So glad to hear of the awesome progress. Praying for continued improvement so Drew can come home to his family soon.

  9. I just read your comment about no C-section!!! Praise God!!!!!!!!!
    I’m so happy for her!!!

  10. He’s an exceptionally beautiful baby! Congratulations to all! We’re so happy to hear (and see) that he is doing so well. Praying that everyone will soon be able to go HOME!

  11. Congrats I hope little Drew gets to comes home soon. It brings back memories of when my twins were in the NICU last year.

  12. Our family is rejoicing in Jesus for you all now! What great news – praise God!
    I know (from observation only, from having worked in a NICU) that having a little one in such a big place can be scary. We hope the Lord has blessed you with an excellent neonatologist and caring nurses. Of course, I’ve always thought the NICU nurses were the best (but then since I work there, I’m biased!). We also hope that He gives you peace and encouragement in this time!
    Yes, the NICU nurses have been excellent! Thank you for your work in whatever NICU you work in. It is not easy!

  13. Wow, what a great weight for a preemie who was born five weeks early. He’s so filled out, alert, and adorable. Imagine how much he would have weighed if he’d been full term! So excited God answered prayers for his safe arrival.

  14. Great news. Love seeing mommy and daddy holding their little man.

    Blessings, Mrs Mari

  15. I’m so glad Drew is going so well! I continue to pray that Drew continues to get healthy and for strength and comfort for Nathan, Melanie and the whole family. God is great!

  16. Dear Nathan and Melanie,
    Congratulations on the arrival of your new baby boy.
    He is soooo cute.

  17. He is so very lovely and doesn’t look very preemie at all! God’s continued blessings on the whole clan, and Hallelujah for being able to nurse and both parents being able to hold their delightful son. Even just seeing pictures of a newborn makes me smell that yummy baby smell and reminds me of the incredible endorphins we get just from holding them and being close. How amazing God is and all the wonders of this world. And Drew is just on the beginning of is journey of discovering all of it!

  18. Praising God with you all! He is quite adorable. I will continue praying for his journey home.

  19. Thank you for this update, and I LOVE these photos!!
    Especially the one of Melanie holding him–she is glowing as her joy shines through in her smile.
    Continued prayers for precious Drew, and all of his family.
    Love, Mrs. Patti 🙂

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