Thoughts from Melanie Maxwell

Hello Friends!!

Thank you so much for praying for “Little Guy,” me, and our whole family!

We are all doing very well!

Though it was quite a shock to have my water break early Friday morning, this is a road we have traveled before. I’m working not to set mental time frames. Baby needs to stay inside. That’s the goal for now.

It’s tough, though, not to start thinking about him arriving…or not to think with worry how long this wait might be and how things will go with the logistics of me being on bedrest.

The break is kind of nice. 🙂 I have started knitting a hat on a loom for new baby. It keeps my hands busy. I also enjoy visiting with the hospital staff as they come through.

The first morning here, I was chatting with the lady cleaning my room and mentioned that I really wanted to go home. She looked me in the eye and said in broken English, “Talk to God. He controls all things!” What a sweet reminder!

It is such a blessing to have Nathan’s family helping with the girls. I can relax knowing they are in good care!

I have had good company—family has come to visit, and I have had daily visits (so far) from my girls. We were also blessed Saturday night by friends bringing up a home cooked dinner.

While this road is not what I would have chosen—we are truly blessed with love and support as we travel it!

Please pray for wisdom in the decisions as they come, and that Baby will be born healthy and strong!

Love in Christ,

Sunday afternoon craft time at the hospital.
Sunday afternoon craft time at the hospital.
Christina visiting with her mommy.
Christina visiting with her mommy.


“Thus saith the LORD that made thee,
and formed thee from the womb, which will help thee…”
Isaiah 44:2

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  1. Melanie,
    How wonderful to hear from you! I’m glad you had such a sweet encounter with your room cleaning lady. Unexpected encouragement is such a blessing. The pictures of you and your young’uns are beautiful. Continuity is important, even if it does require more effort than usual to facilitate! You and yours are in my prayers.

  2. Melanie, we are continuing to lift you, Nathan, your girls, and Baby up to the Father. How comforting to know that He is in control and that this was no surprise to Him! Even though the days ahead may not be what you planned, I pray that you and your family will have opportunities to give glory to God and to be a faithful witness to everyone you encounter.

  3. How kind of you to take time to update. Certainly you are blessed to be so well cared for. Our prayers will continue.

  4. Praying for you and baby both Melanie! Isn’t loom knitting fun? I’m teaching my five year old to do that before we start using knitting needles!

    Blessings to you all.

  5. I prayed for you and your little guy, melanie.

    Just 4 months ago my water broke at 32 weeks 5 days. I stayed on hospital bedrest until I hit 34 weeks when the doctors determined that the risk of infection was greater than the risk of prematurity. My little girl spent 2 weeks in the NICU, but is doing great! I actually ran into her NICU doctor at Target today and it was a great reminder of how God took care of her when she was so little and early.

  6. Praying for you.
    I have followed the blog a few years now and never left a comment 🙂 You are all such a great encouragement to me. As a momma of three I know how hard this must be. Keep the faith and finish with joy.
    Prayers from our family
    The Ts
    Thanks for leaving your first comment. How sweet. Thanks for praying!

  7. My twins were born at 34 weeks (after my water broke!). Both spent some time in NICU to gain strength, but overall were in good health at birth. So, 34 weeks sounds like a good goalpost to me 🙂

    It was tough during the hospital days for our family to be separated. However, like you, I had family members pitch in and care for my older children. When the twins were released from the hospital, and we were finally all at home together, it was such a sweet, sweet time!

    The hospital experience made me truly appreciate those early days at home of nursing, napping, changing diapers. It was such joy to be able to do those simple things, at home, with all of us together.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray for a healthy mama and baby, and that you will soon have that same sweet reunion at home, all the family together, caring for your little one.

  8. Thank you for updating us, Melanie. We are praying that your amniotic fluid is replenished and your little guy gets to stay put for a while. A,B,and C look happy and well cared for in your absence. What a blessing a family united under Christ’s headship is! How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings. (Psalms 36:7 KJV)

  9. We are praying for the safe arrival of your Little Guy in his own time and in His own time. I’m so grateful for medical technology that can monitor you and Baby Max! So sweet that the girls could come to visit and that Nathan seems to be holding down the home front with the help of his family. Can’t wait to see photos of the baby when he comes, and blessings to you for being calm and trusting in God’s plan. Oh, and that was sweet that a family brought you a meal at the hospital! Hospital food — blech! 😉

  10. Praying for you all! Thanks so much for the update! My babies were the same (now 17 & 20) but wouldn’t have changed anything. Wished I could have had more but God had other plans. Looking forward to seeing pictures when little Max is born…hopefully in a couple weeks!

    Blessings to you all!

  11. So good to see you enjoy a visit with your beautiful girls. We will continue to pray for you, Baby and the whole family. What a blessing it is that you have Nathan’s family to help. God is so good!!

  12. It is so good to hear from you, Melanie. I have thought of you often and hope you are well under the circumstances. Being away from your girls and Nathan can certainly take it’s toll on the spirit…especially when you are in the hospital, but your correspondence sounds like you are doing wonderfully and taking advantage of some rest and down time while waiting for your sweet boy to arrive. I know the vists from the girls, Nathan and rest of your family helps tremendously as does interaction with all the staff responsible for your care. Just know we are praying for you and are keeping you all in our thoughts. Much love to you all.

    In Christ,


  13. Isaiah 26: 3-4 “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed upon thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the LORD forever: for in the Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength.” Praying the Lord will give each of you His perfect peace and unfailing strength as you wait on baby to be born.

  14. Will this baby’s name begin with the letter “D”? I just realized that your girls are A, B, and C…so just wondering if you were intentionally going through the alphabet 🙂
    We’re curious too!

  15. I’m behind on the Maxwell news, so am just now reading this update from Melanie! Praying for the baby, Melanie, and all the family during this time. Love the cute photos of the little girls visiting their Mommy! 🙂
    Love, Mrs. Patti

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