Little Mr. Max Votes to Come Early

Very unexpectedly, Melanie’s water broke early this morning. Now she’s at the hospital with no labor. Yes, you read that right! Please pray for Baby Boy and Melanie. Baby is 33.6 weeks, and he’s doing fine, but obviously this is fairly early. So we wait and pray.

Sarah for the rest


“For thou hast possessed my reins:
thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.”
Psalms 139:13

43 thoughts on “Little Mr. Max Votes to Come Early”

  1. Oh, wow! Sweet boy is in a hurry. I will certainly keep Melanie and this sweet baby boy in my prayers for a healthy baby, healing, and peace all around. I know Nathan is very good about keeping everyone updated, but if there is something specific I can pray for or do, please do not think twice about emailing or calling. I bet the girls are ten-kinds of excited. Love you all, and all my best.

    In Christ,

    Thank you! Yes, Baby times are very exciting, and their first little brother!

  2. My heart’s with Melanie and the baby – I hope he stays in their longer.
    Yes, each day he waits is great.

  3. Praying in Belgium!
    Thanks! We are so grateful for the prayers.

  4. I have not looked at your blog in several months but today was thinking of Melanie and decided to look at the blog. Went right to my knees! Praying for her and baby and the whole family!!
    The Lord must have prompted you! Thank you ;).

  5. Stopped immediately upon reading and prayed for baby, siblings, mom and dad, family, safety, healthy baby, calmed nerves, and God’s will to be done!
    We appreciate your prayers!

  6. Praying for baby, Melanie, and family. May The Lord bless them and bring them health and wholeness in Jesus name.
    The B family
    Thanks! We are so grateful!

  7. Praying fervently that baby boy stays in there as long as he can!

  8. Our little Josias was born at 32 weeks on May 3. It was also very sudden and unexpected, so I can relate.
    Praying here in Germany!
    Congratulations on Josias! I’m glad he’s okay. Blessings.

  9. We are praying for you all the way from Ecuador.
    May God protect and bless you.

    Thank you for the prayer support–all the way from Ecuador!

  10. This past April at 32 weeks, our son was trying to make his appearance. The moment I hit that hospital bed , there was nothing but praying and singing gospel songs. I held on to this bible verse (psalm 46:5)God is within her, she will not fall; God will help her at break of day. After being in the hospital for one week and on bed-rest for almost 2 months, I gave birth to our boy On May 29th ,2014. My prayers are with y’all ! May The Lord keep this little boy in for another few weeks.
    Congratulations! So glad your little one waited!

  11. I’ll be praying until we hear good news, then rejoicing with you afterwards. I’m so happy that Nathan and Melanie are getting a sweet baby boy!
    Thank you!

  12. Oh, my! How exciting and what a surprise — I guess little Mr. Max has decided he’s ready to meet his family. In all seriousness, we will be praying for him to stay where he’s at for as long as possible and for the best health for him and for Melanie. Something tells me his big sisters would probably like him to be born RIGHT NOW! Prayers being sent your way from our house and please keep us updated as you can or see fit!
    Yes! He has big sisters who already love him!

  13. Sending love and prayers. Praying that he will be delivered perfectly healthy on the day that God has chosen for his birthday.
    Thanks! Yes! Will be anxious to see what day that will be ;).

  14. We are praying for God’s hand of protection and Divine appointment for Melanie and the baby. Trusting Him with y’all!

  15. Oh my! Will definitely pray. Glad they’re both doing pretty
    well. Hope they’ll do great when the time comes. Thanks for the update.

    God bless. Rebecca
    Thanks, Rebecca!

  16. My twin boys were born at 34 weeks and did very well. I will pray fervently that labor is halted for as long as possible. The longer he’s in there, the better! Prayers for everyone going around. <3
    Thanks! Yes, every day he waits is wonderful.

  17. We will be praying for Melanie and baby boy!!! I am just over 34 weeks, so I have been thinking of Melanie and praying for them since you announced the news. Thank you for posting this update.
    Your due dates must be very close! Thank you for praying!

  18. I will be praying for baby Maxwell and know our girls will want to as well.
    May the Lord keep Melanie comforted and at peace & baby boy healthy.
    Thank you! God is so good!

  19. I will be praying for Melanie and her little boy! I hope all goes well…

    In Christ,

    Meg M.
    We are so grateful.

  20. I am adding my prayers for Melanie and the baby… and all the rest of you too as you wait. May God grant wisdom and peace for decisions as they need to be made. Melanie is such a beautiful and inspirational wife and mother. Though we’ve never met, of course, I sense she has such a peaceful, yielded, and gentle spirit. And thanks for keeping us updated, Sarah!
    Thank you! Yes, Melanie is a beautiful picture of trusting in Jesus!

  21. Update when you can, Sarah……I will check in on the blog thru the night as I am up nursing our baby boy. Praying from the left coast and agreeing together with your family for baby to arrive safely in His timing. In Jesus’ name!!!
    Thank you for praying! I hope to update this morning after the doctor has been in.

  22. Oh, I’m so glad I checked in tonight. Please tell Melanie I will be praying for her and Nathan and baby brother. Praise the Lord little guy is doing well…just all too eager to meet his sisters 🙂 May the Lord’s peace fill your hearts as He holds Melanie and her little son in His hands.
    Thank you! Yes, God’s peace is so evident.

  23. Praying for baby boy and Melanie!
    Thank you! We are truly grateful for each person who is praying.

  24. Praying from New York. My daughter was 34 week, now she is 4, perfect and very intelligent. God bless you!
    Thanks! So grateful the baby has made it to almost 34 weeks.

  25. Praying for all of you that God’s will be done. And that you may feel His presence and peace and He will give to you as family, baby boy, Melanie exactly what you need at the right time. Remember, we as His children are in His hands, and nothing can touch us that doesn’t pass through His hands.

  26. My second child was born at 33, almost 34 weeks and was only in the NICU two weeks, it was a challenge but a beautiful learning experience being around the other parents and seeing even smaller babies and praying over them and even with the parents sometimes. Preemie babies are fighters and are testimonies to how miraculous God’s creation is! I feel for Melanie as my water broke the same way unexpectedly with that pregnancy, they were able to give me a few shots to delay labor about 10 hours. Every moment helps! Praying for her and her lovely family and all of you!
    Thank you! Hearing others’ stories are inspiring.

  27. Praying that little Mr. Max arrives healthy and strong in God’s perfect time and that Mama stays healthy and strong too.

    Keep us updated when you can.
    Thanks! Yes, hope to update soon!

  28. A friend’s water broke over a week ago at 34 weeks. She has been closely monitored ever since, but isn’t in labor yet. As with Baby Max, every day these babies “bake” is so beneficial! We’ll be praying for Melanie and her little guy…I know from my own bedrest in previous pregnancies, having to lie still is a surprisingly difficult task! Blessings on Melanie as she goes through this time “for the least of these.” 🙂
    Wow! Glad your friend is still hanging in there! Thanks for praying.

  29. Praying for Melanie and all the Maxwells. Peace to all of you!
    In His Love, Deb
    Thanks for your prayers!

  30. Praying in Indiana. So sorry that Melanie and family have to go through this. She seems like such a sweet, contented momma. I do hope you only receive good reports from the Dr. and that baby M. is healthy and strong.
    Thank you! God is good.

  31. Dear Sarah,

    Please update us readers when you can. Praying for Melanie and the baby.
    There’s a new update now!

  32. Sarah,
    We are all praying for Melanie and her little boy. Please let us know as soon as you can how she is doing and how the baby is doing. Prayers and hugs for all.

    Thanks! Just posted an update.

  33. Praying here. My oldest was born at 35 weeks. He was tiny, but perfectly healthy and only lost 1oz of birth weight whenhe came home five days after he was born.

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