Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

to our amazing Dad, who is also husband to Mom for 40 years in August and grandpa to a growing number. We love you so much!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!

In keeping with the theme of the Mother’s Day post, I requested two things from each family member that they appreciate or love about Dad. Also, again, due to our schedule this week, we won’t be able to approve comments. Thus the feature is disabled on the post.



I am grateful for a loving and faithful husband who loves and serves the Lord Jesus with all of his heart, soul, mind, and strength.

I am so happy that Steve is a spiritual leader and a loving father to our children.


I’m grateful that I can always call Dad and bounce situations off him to get an opinion/idea on how to handle them.

No matter how busy he is, he’ll take time to listen.

Melanie (Nathan’s wife):

I appreciate Dad’s availability to his kids (i.e. my husband) for questions any time: their project/interest/concern is important to him … even if it is in the midst of other things–which it always is. 🙂

He also has trained his kids to value work–something rare in this day and age (and much appreciated as a wife!).


I’m grateful for his desire to follow the Lord, even when it’s not easy or convenient.

He has always been available/taken time for me–despite how busy he is.

Anna Marie (Christopher’s wife):

I’m grateful for his love for the Lord and His Word.

I’m grateful for his willingness to take time to invest in Joshua; I love watching them play together!


I’m so grateful for my dad who is always willing to listen to me.

Dad’s heart for the Lord and willingness to serve Him in all things inspires me to a closer walk with Jesus.


I am so grateful for the leader and encourager to me that he is.

He demonstrates tremendous faith and trust in our Lord.


I am grateful that Dad always has time to talk with us, no matter what he is doing.

I am grateful that Dad blessed me by teaching me diligence (that pays off everyday).


I am so thankful for the way Dad pours out his life as he leads us down an exciting path of following Jesus.

I love Dad’s enthusiasm–he is so energizing!


I love how Dad is always willing to listen to my joys and problems and then offer invaluable counsel when needed.

I’m grateful for how he leads our family and seeks to follow the Lord and sets an amazing example for me.


Words cannot describe how amazing Dad is.

His love for Jesus and us shines brighter each day.


“Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine
by the sides of thine house:
thy children like olive plants
round about thy table.
Behold, that thus shall the man be
blessed that feareth the LORD.”

Psalms 128:3