Thoughts from Melanie Maxwell

Hello Friends!!

Thank you so much for praying for “Little Guy,” me, and our whole family!

We are all doing very well!

Though it was quite a shock to have my water break early Friday morning, this is a road we have traveled before. I’m working not to set mental time frames. Baby needs to stay inside. That’s the goal for now.

It’s tough, though, not to start thinking about him arriving…or not to think with worry how long this wait might be and how things will go with the logistics of me being on bedrest.

The break is kind of nice. 🙂 I have started knitting a hat on a loom for new baby. It keeps my hands busy. I also enjoy visiting with the hospital staff as they come through.

The first morning here, I was chatting with the lady cleaning my room and mentioned that I really wanted to go home. She looked me in the eye and said in broken English, “Talk to God. He controls all things!” What a sweet reminder!

It is such a blessing to have Nathan’s family helping with the girls. I can relax knowing they are in good care!

I have had good company—family has come to visit, and I have had daily visits (so far) from my girls. We were also blessed Saturday night by friends bringing up a home cooked dinner.

While this road is not what I would have chosen—we are truly blessed with love and support as we travel it!

Please pray for wisdom in the decisions as they come, and that Baby will be born healthy and strong!

Love in Christ,

Sunday afternoon craft time at the hospital.
Sunday afternoon craft time at the hospital.
Christina visiting with her mommy.
Christina visiting with her mommy.


“Thus saith the LORD that made thee,
and formed thee from the womb, which will help thee…”
Isaiah 44:2

Sunday Baby Maxwell Update

Time for another baby update. Things are still quiet, and nothing really has changed. Melanie continues to rest (in the hospital), as they wait and pray.

Thank you for your Baby Max prayers. Each day he stays in the womb is good. He is being monitored.

We are grateful we can trust the Lord in every aspect of our lives. He is faithful and will continue to guide us!


Christina loves Joshua's chainsaw! The cousins do a great job of sharing it.
Christina’s new “smile.” She  loves Joshua’s chainsaw! The cousins do a great job of sharing it.


Abby loves little ones!
Abby loves little ones!
Special time with Mommy and Baby Brother.
Special time with Mommy and Baby Brother.

“Casting all your care upon him;
for he careth for you.”

1 Peter 5:7

Baby Maxwell Update

Thank you all for faithfully praying. We’re grateful for your support.

Yesterday, the doctor wanted an ultrasound to make sure everything was good. Baby looked great! Melanie still doesn’t have any labor, but that’s not totally unusual. With Abigail, Melanie’s water broke, and they waited in the hospital for 10 days before an emergency c-section became necessary.

Nathan came home last night for a few hours and spent some time with his girls, while one of the family had dinner with Melanie at the hospital. This morning, John and Anna took the girls up to the hospital for a visit. It was a special time!

They’re taking it one day at a time. Melanie is doing well. There’s plenty of resting and waiting going on right now.

Thanks for praying!


“But the mercy of the LORD is from everlasting to everlasting
upon them that fear him,
and his righteousness unto children’s children;

To such as keep his covenant, and to those that
remember his commandments to do them.”

Psalms 103:17-18

Little Mr. Max Votes to Come Early

Very unexpectedly, Melanie’s water broke early this morning. Now she’s at the hospital with no labor. Yes, you read that right! Please pray for Baby Boy and Melanie. Baby is 33.6 weeks, and he’s doing fine, but obviously this is fairly early. So we wait and pray.

Sarah for the rest


“For thou hast possessed my reins:
thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb.”
Psalms 139:13

Do You Want to Be Energized?

We’re excited to bring you the Energize! Conference with all new sessions.

Here is part of the line up:

  • Today Children: Tomorrow Leaders
  • How to Have an Awesome Day (for moms)
  • Supersonic Leadership: Is Everyone Strapped In? (for dads)
  • Dating, Courtship, Betrothal, or Whatever


Our first Energize! Conference is Loveland, Colorado, July 18-19th. Loveland is about an hour from Rocky Mountain National Park if you would like to make the conference weekend into a family vacation.

We’re scheduling a fall Energize! tour beginning with Cookeville, Tennessee, September 11th followed by Greensboro, North Carolina, September 12-13th, and Savannah, Georgia, September 25th. Other cities will likely include Orlando, Atlanta, Savannah, Meridian (MS), and more. If you’ve been thinking about scheduling a conference, now is your opportunity as we work on dates. Just drop us an e-mail.

For a behind-the-scenes-Maxwell-photo-op, here you go. Sunday night we planned to get our Energize! photo (we hadn’t been able to in time for the Loveland flyer). The only complication was that a storm was rolling in as we were preparing to leave. Since it looked like we still had some time, we decided to try for it. When we arrived at the location, the guys worked like crazy to get everything set up. The umbrellas which served as reflectors for the lights promptly blew off as the wind was so strong. We scrapped the umbrellas and had to do without. In addition the cable that controlled the lights was not functioning correctly, so Joseph had to use a work-around for that as well.

As Dave, our friend, quickly snapped pictures, lightning flashed in the background, thunder rumbled, and a stiff breeze blew as a cool front dropped the temperature: it was intense and energizing! By the time we finished, it started to sprinkle. Then, after we were packed up and on our way home, it poured. Wow. What timing! It was certainly our most eventful photo session ever! A special thanks to Dave who helped (we’re enjoying a special visit with his sweet family, Liz and Baby Anna).

Joyfully His,
Sarah for the rest

Notice Joseph isn’t in the picture yet–he was working on getting the lights adjusted.


We wanted some bio photos, so we moved through those fast, as the storm was almost upon us. We moved so quick we were running!
Some action blur here.
Holding those lights!
Holding those lights!



The final image

“I press toward the mark for the prize
of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”

Philippians 3:14

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

to our amazing Dad, who is also husband to Mom for 40 years in August and grandpa to a growing number. We love you so much!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads!

In keeping with the theme of the Mother’s Day post, I requested two things from each family member that they appreciate or love about Dad. Also, again, due to our schedule this week, we won’t be able to approve comments. Thus the feature is disabled on the post.



I am grateful for a loving and faithful husband who loves and serves the Lord Jesus with all of his heart, soul, mind, and strength.

I am so happy that Steve is a spiritual leader and a loving father to our children.


I’m grateful that I can always call Dad and bounce situations off him to get an opinion/idea on how to handle them.

No matter how busy he is, he’ll take time to listen.

Melanie (Nathan’s wife):

I appreciate Dad’s availability to his kids (i.e. my husband) for questions any time: their project/interest/concern is important to him … even if it is in the midst of other things–which it always is. 🙂

He also has trained his kids to value work–something rare in this day and age (and much appreciated as a wife!).


I’m grateful for his desire to follow the Lord, even when it’s not easy or convenient.

He has always been available/taken time for me–despite how busy he is.

Anna Marie (Christopher’s wife):

I’m grateful for his love for the Lord and His Word.

I’m grateful for his willingness to take time to invest in Joshua; I love watching them play together!


I’m so grateful for my dad who is always willing to listen to me.

Dad’s heart for the Lord and willingness to serve Him in all things inspires me to a closer walk with Jesus.


I am so grateful for the leader and encourager to me that he is.

He demonstrates tremendous faith and trust in our Lord.


I am grateful that Dad always has time to talk with us, no matter what he is doing.

I am grateful that Dad blessed me by teaching me diligence (that pays off everyday).


I am so thankful for the way Dad pours out his life as he leads us down an exciting path of following Jesus.

I love Dad’s enthusiasm–he is so energizing!


I love how Dad is always willing to listen to my joys and problems and then offer invaluable counsel when needed.

I’m grateful for how he leads our family and seeks to follow the Lord and sets an amazing example for me.


Words cannot describe how amazing Dad is.

His love for Jesus and us shines brighter each day.


“Thy wife shall be as a fruitful vine
by the sides of thine house:
thy children like olive plants
round about thy table.
Behold, that thus shall the man be
blessed that feareth the LORD.”

Psalms 128:3