The Blessing of a Prayer Journal

sweetjourneyI had a prayer journal that I used off and on throughout the years but more off than on. Three years ago, that all changed. Before my mom’s book Sweet Journey was published, she taught the study to us girls plus a few others. When studying the section on prayer journals, Mom challenged us to use one. I purchased a journal and happily began it.

My very first entry in that journal is dated 3-17 [2011]: Babies for (and then a list of couples desiring to have babies). Every couple except one has had a child since that prayer request was written in my prayer journal! Imagine the joy I felt when I received a card from one of those friends, and I stared with wonder at the ultrasound picture of their baby. Praise Jesus!

I love paging through my journal and seeing the many requests the Lord has answered. They are tangible and vivid!

God delights in giving us good gifts. Sometimes the answer is exactly what we want, but sometimes it isn’t. God is still good. He sees the entire picture that our finite minds can’t see.

In addition to a specific section of prayer requests, I have a daily section. For example, on Mondays, part of my list includes: Anna [I try to pray for a family member each day], direction for upcoming week, Titus2, and then a mom who would like to be expecting, another one who is, and a couple’s salvation, among other items. I have been richly blessed by using my prayer journal.

For you ladies out there, I suggest you pick up a copy of Sweet Journey. It’s a perfect individual study or a mother/daughter study. I learned so much from Sweet Journey (and I grew up in an incredible home) that I’m still applying to my life daily three years later.

Joyfully His,


“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”
Phillipians 4:6-7

8 thoughts on “The Blessing of a Prayer Journal”

  1. I am very grateful that Mrs. Maxwell decided to write a book like this. Thank you for your wonderful work. May the LORD bless you all.

  2. I think using a journal can be so helpful. I love your reminder about how God delights in giving us gifts, and how He sees the big picture and knows just what we need (and don’t need!).
    What a lovely photo of you, Sarah. You are such a precious young woman of God.
    Love, Mrs. Patti 🙂

  3. After reading Sweet Journey, I too purchased and started using a prayer journal. Isn’t it sweet to “check off” items on my journal. God is so wonderful.

  4. Thanks for sharing that Sarah!

    We will be sending your family pictures of our two blessings soon. 🙂 They are beautiful and full of life and joy and we couldn’t be happier. Yesterday I heard H (5)playing and singing a praise song she had heard. Priceless! Then she brought down all her Moody books to share with a mom who came over for dinner last night. H showed her your picture on the back of the books, “See, this is Miss Sarah who wrote these books!”

  5. That’s wonderful, Sarah, that you have been blessed by using a prayer journal. I, too, love to look back through my journals and see so many those prayers answered. 🙂 The Lord is so merciful and kind. Thank you for the encouragement; this post blessed me very much!

  6. This sounds like a wonderful idea for my children (and for myself). Not only does a prayer journal help give structure to prayer, but what a blessing to be able to look back later and have proof that The Lord hears and answers us! God bless you and your family for your inspiration!

  7. I read Sweet Journey and was blessed by it. Alanna and I plan to read it together. Great book!

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