May We Brag a Bit?

Our mail carrier is the best mailman ever. If you want to see Mr. Positive defined in the dictionary, he would be it. He always has a jolly word to say. Years ago, he was our mailman until the routes got changed. Our other mailman was great and took care of us too, but we still missed this guy. Recently, the Post Office reassigned routes, and we got him back in January. It’s awesome. So, next time you receive a package from Titus2, he probably picked it up from our house!

We’re grateful for our mailman! Who are you grateful for today?


“A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance…”
Proverbs 15:13

10 thoughts on “May We Brag a Bit?”

  1. I’m grateful for the 89 year old lady at my opthamology office who volunteers and always has nice things to say. She helps out in any way she can, and I hope to have a heart to serve like she does.

    I am also grateful for your ministry.

  2. Our babies will be officially ours in a month, a husband who gets to stay home and be with us today, sunshine, hope of Heaven, and did I mention finalizing the adoption in a month? 🙂

  3. We leave little “gifts” in our mailbox for our mail carrier. It’s usually nothing more than an encouraging note and a few packets of fancy hot cocoa. Everyone feels better when their appreciated.

  4. For many years, our mail delivery person was a woman. She truly loved her job. She got to know our (expanding) family, our dogs, never forgot any of our names — it was truly a personal relationship. When she retired a couple of years ago, it was like losing a family member! So, today I am reminded to be grateful for her years of service (wish I could tell her that). And I am grateful for the young man who took over her job when she retired and still brings dog cookies to the door when he has to deliver a box! 🙂

  5. It’s interesting how a friendly mail carrier makes a difference. Our mail carrier has never been a friendly person. He seems unhappy with his job or life. We try to be very friendly, super appreciative, and gift-giving when we can. Whatever the case, we are moving soon and I am so hopeful we will have a jolly carrier like you! The people who serve us are so important!

  6. My mail delivery person is awesome! My friend needed to receive a package that was out for delivery but wouldn’t reach his house in time to catch a train. The post office called the delivery person, who made a special trip to meet my friend in town, locate the package in the back of the truck, and make sure he got it in plenty of time. What a blessing!

  7. On our walk today, we were discussing our mail lady. We said we would like to bless her by leaving something in the mailbox. Then we read this post. 🙂

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