Buying a House Debt-Free, A Book Giveaway

We are excited about Buying a House Debt-Free. It’s a resource we believe will help families gain the vision and practical “how-tos” to equip their sons to purchase a home debt-free.

One of our pre-release test dads shared: “Rather than take the path most travelled, authors Steve and Teri Maxwell provide examples of how young men were able to buy their first homes debt free. These are inspirational stories about how God directed these young men, often in their early teen years to develop vocational skills, save money and look for opportunities to avoid the pitfalls and slavery of a mortgage.” 

We’ll be giving away two copies of Buying a House Debt-Free.

Two  winners will be selected by a drawing from the approved comments on Friday, March 21st. Participation is easy. All you have to do is comment under this post by Thursday, March 20th at noon CDT.

So, the question we’d like you to answer in your comment to enter is:

Why would you want your son
to have his home debt-free? 

Onto the fine print. This will be on the honor system, so we leave it to you.

  • Entry closed at noon on the 20th.  Thank you to those who entered. 
  • One entry per family.
  • We reserve the right not to post any comment or entry.
  • If you have already pre-ordered the book, don’t worry. Enter anyway. If you are a winner, we will refund your money.


“Seest thou a man diligent in his business?
he shall stand before kings;
he shall not stand before mean men.”
Proverbs 22:29

148 thoughts on “Buying a House Debt-Free, A Book Giveaway”

  1. I would want my sons to have a debt free home because the Bible teaches over and over that we are not to get into debt. My parents have instilled in me the practice of avoiding debt and that is something I want to practically pass on to my sons when the Lord blesses me with them.

  2. Why would we want our son to buy a house debt free?
    Because it’s God’s best for purchasing a home.

    The Bible says the borrower is servant to the lender. Why serve the lender? He would have the ability to use his resources freely in what God has called him to do.

  3. Starting life off with a home, debt free, would take SUCH a huge amount of pressure off a newly starting family. They could focus on more important things than paying the rent. I wish wish WISH we had been taught something like this when we were young.

  4. Not only is being debt free a Biblical concept, it offers many other blessings as well. My husband and I have felt the relief of knowing that our home is paid for. I would like this same freedom for my sons. My two oldest children are boys and have been working and saving for many years already. Being that they are the oldest of 12 children, soon to be 14, we will not be able to help them as much financially, but want to give them the tools needed to help them plan and prepare for their future. Our oldest already has 45 college credit hours toward a computer science degree and hopes to graduate at age 17.

  5. What a blessing it would be for our son and his wife to start their marriage off with a house and not have to worry about paying a mortgage. That would relieve so much stress for them. We just hope that house can be close to ours 🙂

  6. I would like my son to understand the importance of living debt free, which includes not having a mortgage. We have been teaching these principles and your book would be a powerful resource. Thank you so much for writing this book!

  7. First of all, congratulations, Maxwell family, on the publication of your latest book!

    I love the idea of presenting real-life accounts of resourceful, industrious young men who purposed to own their own homes without being weighed down by the shackles of a mortgage.

    I can’t tell you how much you other books/planning programs have influenced our families. I very frequently refer to your oldest three sons as a point of inspiration to my children and others that, contrary to “conventional wisdom” this is possible–just “Go to the ant, thou sluggard”! (Prov 6:6)

    Thank you, Maxwell family for the encouragement, your faithfulness, and this opportunity to win a book!
    Thank you.

  8. Because it would help his future wife be able to follow her dream of being a wife and mother and not feel the pressure that she needs to work to provide financially for the family.

  9. I would love my son to be able to purchase a home debt free because of what the Bible teaches. (Being servant to the lender, owe no man anything etc). But also, I think it can save stress in a marriage, and the husband and or father won’t be so burdened to work as many hours (if there is the option.)

  10. We would like our son to be able to purchase his home debt free because it would free him from the burden of owing so much money as he starts out in life. It would free him from being a slave to the lender, and it would allow him to give above and beyond the usual tithe amount. Without the debt, he could give more to his church, to missions, or wherever God leads. What a blessing it would be to start out debt-free! Thank you for writing this book!

  11. Oh what an awesome opportunity. My husband had me pre-order for him the other day – and even if we were to win we would like the pre-order to stand and the winning book would be going to a family we know for their son.

    Why debt free: Simply because it is directive from Scripture. As Christians it allows us to invest more into kingdom work rather than interest into banks. It allows couples to begin a marriage honoring what is Biblical teaching. It serves as an example of taking scripture and putting it into action. It allows young men who actually do this to be enabled to share with others (even the unsaved) which may be a point of communication in which he can find common ground with someone who needs to hear not only that but the scripture in general and could lead to their conversion. It is wise stewardship. It is freedom from worldly ties. Owe no man except love. Love the Lord enough to keep His commands. Love others enough to be an example of that which we say we believe.

  12. I have four sons, ages 19, 16, 14, and 2. If my boys own homes with no debt they have much more freedom to participate in the upbringing of my grandkids. They aren’t tied to the slavery of a job but have way more options in life. This includes options for ministries that men simply can’t do if they have to work to support a house. Honestly, given the options I would buy each of our children their own home instead of pay for college (can’t afford either, unfortunately) because of the increased opportunities just from having a roof over your head.

  13. The concept of having a house and being debt free before marriage is a rare one in today’s society! I would love to know that my sons could accomplish this from a Biblical viewpoint with clearly godly principles!

  14. I think that having our son debt free would be one amazing accomplishment! My husband and I did not begin our married life debt free and it has caused some problems in what we would truely love to give and do. If our son were able to start his life, and eventually his marriage, debt free, he would be able to give so much more than we are able to.

  15. We are currently in the thick of trying to pay all our debt, and we do not own a home. We do not know what God has in store for us, but what we do know is that we want to raise our children loving and serving God and Him alone! It is our goal to teach them about being debt free and it will be really good for our son to read about real life examples that were able to even buy a home debt free!
    Thank you for this opportunity and blessings on you all!

  16. Our middle son is 20 and wanting to marry his girlfriend of almost 4 years. One of the reasons he has not proposed yet is that he does not want to start life in debt. I was wondering if this book would be good for him even at 20. My husband and I look forward to reading it.
    We think so.

  17. After buying two houses with mortgages, and then learning a better way (no debt!), We’d love to see our sons START out debt-free. It is sooo true about the borrower being servant to the lender. Debt creates pressure and is a source of stress and limitation.

  18. We would want our sons (and our daughters and their husbands as well) to start out this way since we have learned in our life that doing things God’s prescribed way according to his word is ALWAYS best. Even if it isn’t how the world does it or it doesn’t make sense or it takes more time or is more difficult. ALWAYS better! Then they could owe nothing but love and have more time and freedom to develop their love for each other and practice showing Jesus’ love to others!

    Thanks for giving away two books!

    Monica C.

  19. I would love to see all of my sons be able to purchase a home debt-free! I feel like it would take such a huge financial pressure off of him and his family if they knew they had their house paid for. So much easier for his wife to stay home, build up a nest egg, etc.
    Thank you for writing such a book!

  20. I would want my sons to own their homes debt free because, they would know that God is the strength of his annointed, and he will provide, not man.

  21. We would like our sons to wait and save in order to buy a house debt-free because of the freedom it affords them to serve wherever God asks them to go. Our family has spent the last 10 summers volunteering at a Bible youth camp which is something that we could not do if we had the bondage of a mortgage. Instead we are free to serve God and others by working at a camp that cannot pay us and by allowing others to use our home during the months that we are away from our home.

  22. I would love to get this for my boys, and for my husband and I as well! In this world we live in now, debt free is pretty much an essential if one doesn’t want to struggle from paycheck to paycheck.

  23. We would love for our son to buy his home debt free most importantly because it is Biblical. Second, we completed Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University after 15 years of marriage and would love for our children to “get it” long before they marry, which is why we’ve modeled it for them daily for the past 6 years!

  24. I want my sons to get their homes debt-free because the Bible says we should owe no man anything but love.I hope they never have to feel the bondage debt brings.

  25. the reason I would desire that my son should buy a home debt-free is because in order for him to ever desire such goal as this, it would reveal that there is, respect, a close nurturing, and trust relationship with him & his parents (virtues that would move into his marriage and own children)….. This would be in tune with the 1st commandment with a promise. Ex.20:12 ….my son would also have to work hard from a very young age, which would help prevent him getting entangled with peers or the culture. Chiefly, our aim is to glorify our Heavenly Father and I believe that He is glorified when a child turns his heart to his father and a father turns his heart towards his children. What a legacy to pass on to the next generation. My son would probably agree that it would be totally ok if few remembered that he bought his 1st home debt-free, and that rather a legacy of a godly heritage would be remembered and live on in the hearts of all the seed after him, so long as the LORD tarries. Eph. 5:15-17

  26. We would want our son to be debt free that he may likewise be able to pass down a legacy of debt free living to his children. It is a joy to be able to at will cheerfully give unto the Lord for special needs at church or on the mission field.

  27. My husband and I are excited about your latest book! Unfortunately, we didn’t understand several biblical principles when we married. As the Lord has been teaching us over the last 15 years, we are so grateful and want to pass these things to our children. One of these convictions is avoiding debt. We look forward to reading your book. The Lord has blessed us with 3 boys so far.

  28. I would love to receive a copy of your new book. My husband and I started our marriage with debt and it was difficult to make ends meet. We would love it if our son could avoid debt and purchase his own house, so your book would be a great help.


  29. I would love for both of my sons to own their first homes debt free because it would give them peace of mind, allow them more flexibility with entrepreneurial pursuits, and afford more opportunities to be cheerful givers.

  30. I am a single woman that lives at home with my parents. One day I want to be married and have a family of my own. If the Lord blesses me with sons, I want them to understand how important it is to live a debt-free life (Romans 13:8). Yes, it would be hard work to buy a house debt free. But I want to raise my sons in such way that they will do whatever it takes to honor the Lord Jesus in everything they do. I desire that they be determined and not give up. If they see it through to the end, I know the reward will be great. This book would also be good for my brothers who live at home. 🙂

  31. We have 2 sons and to have the opportunity to continue to encourage them to be conscientious stewards of the abundance God blesses them with is exciting. We have been so encouraged by the ministry of Titus2. For my husband’s birthday I have ordered 2 books I know he will benefit greatly from and I know he will share what he gleans with us all. What a different start to adult life our sons will have if they strive to live in God’s will, debt free and apply biblical principles to all of their decisions. Thank you for all you do to the glory of God.

  32. same financial pits as we did. We would want our sons to buy a home debt free because of the burden that debt carries. If our sons had a home debt free, they could focus more on serving the Lord and providing for their families. Owning a house debt free would be a tremendous blessing to any couple.

    Thank you for writing this book.

  33. My husband and I were just discussing this tonight! By God’s grace and wisdom gleaned from others, we became debt free just this week. We were never taught the Biblical truths of living a debt free life until we already had a quite a few loans. We assumed our only option would be to continue to rent, but have begun hearing of rental companies that will not accept families with zero credit, especially with adult children or many children living at home. It would be such a blessing to our children to receive this book (not to mention Mom and Dad who need to teach these principles), and to learn, Lord willing, how to go about purchasing their own home someday.

  34. My first born son is only 18 months old and I’m 35 weeks pregnant with our second baby, whose gender is a surprise as was our first. I would like my son to buy his first house debt free because I beleive being in debt is being in bondage. The Bible says the borrowing is servant to the lender. We have very little debt ourselves but we do have a mortgage on a small town house that my husband owns. How wonderful would it be to learn the principles in the Bible about debt and how to teach your children. I would love to receive a copy of this book 🙂

  35. Though our son is still very young, I can see how buying a house wtihout debt could give him so much more freedom for ministry, giving and even the timing of getting married. I’m sure there are many other advantages as well.

  36. The Bible says the borrower is servant to the lender. I would like my boys to avoid the bondage that the Bible talks about. And without debt, they will have more freedom to use their money for other things. It also can be a little easier to live on one income without the expense of a monthly mortgage payment.

  37. I am looking forward to reading this and getting my son’s input on it. While I know it was written from the standpoint of aiding son’s in preparing to support families on one income, my daughter will also read this because there is no guarantee that she will marry, and I want her as prepared to make a living and prepare for her future. The lessons you impart apply regardless of whether or not one is purchasing a home, car, a higher education, saving for a vacation, or just about anything.

  38. I would like my son to be able to purchase a home debt-free because that would free up some of the time that would otherwise be spent trying to earn such a large sum of money to pay the mortgage. It would be a great burden off a young and growing family to not have a debt or a rent payment. He is almost ten and several of us have noticed he already has an ability to earn and manage money. I hope that we can direct that ability in the right direction.
    Amen. Wonderful time to start with him. Later is fine, but early is easier.

  39. Other than the obvious economic advantage owning a home would provide, more important is the character development of the young man during the process of “building” his house. You cannot put a price tag on the potential for leadership, responsibility, perseverance, decision-making, & wisdom developed during this process. It re-focusses the goals of young adult years onto something both tangible and intangible and frees them up to follow the Lord wholeheartedly. This is why I would desire this for my sons.
    You summarized so well. Even if he didn’t fully succeed, look at what he gained in the process. Not to mention a sizable amount of cash to work with.

  40. Our son loves the Lord and he tries to live his life according to scripture, to owe no man anything Romans 13:8. He has a year left in college and the Lord has provided the means for him to keep that truth. A home is an even greater expense and it seems impossible to achieve without debt, but we know that all things are possible with God. We feel that this resource will be a great asset for him to have, showing him how others have achieved it. Debt puts such stress on the family and to be able to be debt free is one of the best things parents can encourage there children to do. Thank you for all you do for the family.

  41. I am a single woman that lives at home with my parents. One day I want to be married and have a family of my own. I’m excited about your latest book! My parents have instilled in me the practice of avoiding debt and that is something I want to practically pass on to my future sons when the Lord blesses me with them.

  42. Our desire is to teach our seven children these principles, so that they may be “free” from debt, and slaves only for Christ. Without the monetary debt controlling their lives, they are released to serve the Lord as He calls them day by day. To God be the Glory.

  43. I am so glad I checked your blog. We would love a copy of your new book. I think we own just about all of your others. Thank you for all of your encouragement. God bless you!!!

  44. My husband and I have not yet been blessed with children (though we hope that it will be God’s will that we will be!) but we believe that this book would be of help to us now, and to our children in the future. We are young and relatively recently married (2 years ago) and we hope to learn from you how to build a strong, debt-free foundation in our marriage and to teach our future children the same. Thank you for this exciting giveaway!

  45. Well, we don’t have sons, just daughters so far! But, I can answer this in terms of my little brother!
    I’d love to see him have a home debt free so he wouldn’t have to worry about starting a family. He’s hesitant to even look towards getting married because he works so hard. I’d like to see him have a plan in place to work smarter, not harder, and to build up a nest egg so that he can finally settle down and start a family. I would love a sister in law and some nieces and nephews 🙂

  46. Thank you for the encouragement that you all give to many people. We do like the books that you all have put out. And yes Scripture does encourage us to not be weighed down with debt, so that would be awesome for our sons. Blessings

  47. Thank you for sharing the lessons God has taught you. We are very excited to read this new book, even though we are a family with daughters (no sons) we know we will still have applications of Gidly principals.

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