Coming soon: Buying a House Debt-Free

We’re getting excited. A new book is almost launched.

For a long time Dad’s dream has been to encourage families that it is possible for young men to purchase a home debt-free before marriage. Yes, three of the Maxwell guys have done it so far, but did you know there are other young men around the United States who have too?

Living in a world where mortgages and debt are the norm, one may feel this is not possible. Take heart. In this dynamic new book, my parents share practically how it is achievable.

Watch for Monday’s post about one young man who purchased his home without debt (and he’s not a Maxwell!).

Watch for Tuesday’s announcement on the new book. You’ll be able to pre-order it too.

Be ready to climb for new heights in this debt-free adventure!
Be ready to climb for new heights in this debt-free adventure!

“Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself in the field; and afterwards build thine house.”
Proverbs 24:27

6 thoughts on “Coming soon: Buying a House Debt-Free”

  1. Looking forward to reading this book! Just last December I bought an (admittedly small) house debt free. I’m renting it out since I’m still single and living at home.

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Looking forward to the book and hopefully it will be available in England. My brother’s and I could really do with the advice on buying a home without a mortgage.

    I have my eye on a cottage that I pass on my way home. It’s run down but I would love to buy it and renovate it. It just needs some TLC and paint.

    Please keep us posted on it’s UK availability.

    In Christ

  3. That’s fantastic! Buying a home debt free is quite a feat these days. When my husband and I went to buy our current home, we had never heard of buying a home without having a mortgage. Then we spoke to the Duggars and Jimbob encouraged us to watch the financial freedom seminar and so we did, and determined to pay off our house as fast as we reasonably could. We have made a LOT of mistakes but we have now been in our first home for almost 8 years. Gone from having 2 kids to 8 kids and now only have 4 years maximum left on our loan! We get the looks of disbelief firstly at our family size, then looks of utter shock when people find out we have THAT many children and still managed to pay off a house quickly. It’s a great opportunity to not only share about the blessings of a larger than average family, but how God feels about debt and how by His help have managed to become debt free, one step at a time. What a great resource. Will definitely have to get a copy!

  4. Does this book also help those of us who have purchased a home on a mortgage but are debt free in every other area? Sure will be nice to read and learn for our own sons someday, Lord willing. But, one also feels discouraged when they haven’t followed in the steps you all have taken 🙁 Thanks for sharing your help tho! 🙂
    We believe you will find it helpful, even in your situation.

  5. We are excited about this. Our son still has time to do this and we are looking forward to utilizing the knowledge and experience you have.

  6. Sounds like a great idea for a book! We do not own a home. Hopefully it will give us some good tips.

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