25 thoughts on “Baby News”

  1. Congratulations! My girls will be soooo excited 🙂 May God continue to bless your growing family!

  2. Wow, that was fast! Baby is here just two hours after you posted that Anna Marie was in active labor? Congratulations on your baby girl – I can’t wait to hear what her name is!

  3. Wow, sounds like things progressed quickly! Welcome little Miss Maxwell! Can’t wait for details and her name! Congratulations to Anna Marie, Christopher, and big brother Joshua!

  4. How exciting!!! 🙂 Praise the Lord that another precious baby has arrived. Cannot wait to “meet” HER!! 🙂
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  5. Something seems to be wrong with your photo…it only printed pink…Just kidding!!!!! We are so happy to share in the joy of their new daughter!!!Thank you for letting us know!

  6. It`s a girl!

    Praise the Lord for this precious gift to Christopher and Anna Marie!

    I cried for joy – and rejoice with you all, Maxwell Family.

    There are so many memories coming to my mind – my own first delivery being only eleven days ago…

  7. Wow! That was fast! Congratulations on you sweet baby girl! Did Anna Marie have their baby on her actual due date?
    Her “due date” was approximate we think.

  8. What a blessing! I am so excited! Seems like everything went well. Praying for you all :)! Thank you for the post!

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