Titus2 Planning Day

Saturday, February 1st, we did something very unusual. We spent a day together to seek the Lord, brainstorm, and plan Titus2’s direction for this year. The results? Amazing! God so blessed. One of the most exciting things we came away with was new direction for conferences. This year’s conference is called Energize! We have brand new sessions and a new format as well. We can’t wait to share as that unfolds.

It was a special time of talking together as a family and uniting eight opinions!


We set up the projector and used it as our notes whiteboard, with Dad typing in ideas as we had them. It helped to visualize what we discussed.
We had snacks at lunch (since we’d had a big breakfast), and then Dad took us out to eat late afternoon. Have to keep those creative juices flowing!


“The works of the LORD are great,
sought out of all them that have pleasure therein.”
Psalms 111:2

9 thoughts on “Titus2 Planning Day”

  1. This sounds exciting! Our family has been to your conferences three times over the past 7 years and would LOVE to attend another with all the new topics.

  2. That sounds like a lovely Saturday. I’ve still not been blessed with the opportunity to visit a one of your conferences but am waiting patiently for my time. Thanks for doing what you do for the rest of us.


  3. We love family brainstorming events around here, and I am always amazed at the ideas my relatively young sons come up with (they are 14 and 11). Everyone contributes, no matter how wild the idea might be. I always tell them to get it out of their brain and onto paper, no matter what (which is the part of the writing process my 11yo struggles with, so family meetings help). Congrats on the new direction. And can I say how much I love that big rug? 🙂
    Thank you. We love it too. It’s been a blessing with the grandbabies. It gives them traction and cushions tumbles.

  4. Dear Maxwell Family,

    What an inspired idea – and a day that would have been inspiring! I really like the sound of the new title and focus. I also wanted to say how beautiful the snow pictures have been, especially as we are sweltering here in Australia. I send prayers and blessings for your ministry this year.


    Cate N.

  5. Will you be coming to the east coast any this year? If so, when?
    Yes, but details and timing are still being worked out. Please keep an eye on the Corners and website.

  6. I am always so blessed to see a family working and living life together in such a UNIFIED way-it is such an inspiration, and loved the pics of your home, it is also inspiring:)

  7. Noticed on the Corners email that you will start free shipping on orders $35 or more. Thank you so much!
    You’re welcome!

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