Celebrating 15 Years with Titus2!

Managers of Their Homes
Managers of Their Homes

January 19th, 1999, we published Managers of Their Homes.

The reason for the book was simple. Ladies frequently asked Mom how she got everything done, and they especially wanted to know how she had time to sew matching outfits for the girls when she was a homeschooling mom of eight. She shared her schedule with them, but there was so much more to her schedule than just activities in a time block. Then she would write little sticky notes to explain this or that. One day, Mom told Dad that it would be easier to write a book than to write all those notes. Mom wasn’t serious, but Dad’s “I think you should,” was the beginning. Thus, Managers of Their Homes (MOTH) was born. Twenty-four busy moms tested the book, and since it worked for them, we prayed it would work for others.

Now, 15 years later, MOTH is a mainstay Titus2 product, and we have boxes of testimonies and countless e-mails from moms around the world that the book transformed their lives through time management. The unique, color-coded Scheduling Kit that accompanies the book is hands-on and has allowed moms to create their personal family’s schedule.

Memories of those early days included collating the first printing of Scheduling Kits by hand, going to the print shop to compile books and Scheduling Kits, shipping books out, and embarking on our first ministry trip in January 2000. We were excited, and we are still excited.

We praise our merciful Lord and Savior for entrusting Titus2 to our family. Thank you for rejoicing with us! We look forward to many more years.

Sarah for the family

Maxwell family — one of the many photos we took to get the perfect picture for the book back cover. Notice this wasn’t the one we used. A side note of trivia is the picture was taken in my grandparents’ living room.
We had a family party to celebrate after the book was published.
Mom showing Grandad the book.
Mom showing Grandad the book.
Mom gave a "Getting It All Done" workshop in the Columbia, Missouri area that first year.
Mom gave a “Getting It All Done” workshop in the Columbia, Missouri area that first year.
A lady made a "schedule cake" for refreshments after Mom's talk.
A lady made a “schedule cake” for refreshments after Mom’s talk.
Compiling books.
January 2000, we embarked on our first family ministry trip. It was an adventure!
January 2000, we embarked on our first family ministry trip. It was an adventure!
Oh, do we have memories from those van-traveling days!
John, Jesse, Mary, Anna, Joseph
John, Jesse, Mary, Anna, Joseph
A conference in Florida on that trip.
A conference in Florida on that trip.
Family times after a conference.
Joseph manning the book table at one of our first conventions.
Joseph manning the book table at one of our first conventions.
One important part of the book were those test moms. Afterward, they compiled a scrapbook full of sweet notes and pictures for Mom. I've pulled two to share with you.
One important part of the book were those test moms. Afterward, they compiled a scrapbook full of sweet notes and pictures for Mom. I’ve pulled two to share with you.
You can click into the picture to see it full size.
Maxwell Family, 2000
Maxwell Family, 2000
Maxwell Family, 2013
Maxwell Family, 2013

“I will sing of the mercies of the Lord for ever:
with my mouth will I make known thy faithfulness to all generations.”
Psalms 89:1

25 thoughts on “Celebrating 15 Years with Titus2!”

  1. Wow! I love seeing your family grow and change over the past 15 years. When MOTH was published in January 1999, my husband and I were planning our wedding, and will celebrate our 15th anniversary in May. Your books (of which MOTH was the first I purchased), as well as your blog posts and Corners articles, have been an encouragement and a very practical tool to help us raise our children to follow the Lord. May the Lord give you many more years of ministry to young families. Thank you and congratulations!
    Thank you. We have loved being an encouragement in Jesus.

  2. I have the book. I loved reading it. And although I didn’t get to use the hands-on chart (the book was given to me), it was a great help in making a schedule for the kids on my computer. Cute old pictures!

  3. Congratulations on 15 years! It was sooooooo much fun to read this post and see all the pictures from the years.
    Thank you.

  4. Happy Birthday Titus2 !!

    As a home schooling mummy in the UK, I could not have begun to know how to schedule without this book.

    It’s allowed me to serve Him and my family.

    THANK YOU Mrs Maxwell.

    love G
    Thank you.

  5. Somehow seeing this post tonight brought tears to my eyes. Though children are, indeed, a BLESSING from the Lord, there are days that it can be quite overwhelming with little ones … and seeing these photos reminded me that you all were there once, too … and seeing how the Lord so faithfully helped you then, and how He also brought you through to the season where you are now, just really encouraged my heart. It was also a sober reminder of just how quickly our “little ones” grow up! Thanks for sharing … and also for the blessing that many of your books have been–MOTH, Managers of Their Chores, Homeschooling with a Meek & Quiet Spirit, and Sweet Journey, in particular. 🙂
    They grow ever so quickly and can become ever more close and a blessing in return.

  6. What a blessing to celebrate for sure! Our family is still somewhat new to Titus 2 and the endless resources available but the conference this summer and the books we’ve purchased from there and since then has totally transformed our growing family. Thank you to all the family for pouring your hard work into these resources for other families to benefit from.
    Thank you. It’s been a delight to watch what the Lord is doing in your family.

  7. I just love this post…it is so precious. I truly thank God for your ministry. It has touched our lives and so many. I pray for you all regularly.
    We are so grateful for you prayers. Thank you.

  8. What an enjoyable post. God is so good – then, now and in between isn’t He? Because we were introduced during the “in between” it was nice to see the earlier pictures. The Lord has not only blessed your work – but utilized you to bless others. Never underestimate how far reaching your efforts are. Our family is so grateful that we were introduced to your ministry. Thank you for 15 years of hard work, dedication and the integrity in which you serve Him by helping encourage families. It made a difference in our family life, and those I have sent your way ALWAYS come back to say thank you to us because their lives have been touched by a conference, a book, the blog. Your solid beliefs and consistency speak loud for Him. I cannot wait to see (Lord Willing) your future generations story through Titus 2. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough – but our family hopes you truly know the gratefulness behind the words. Always interceding in prayer for your family . . .
    Thank you for sharing.

  9. What a blessing for you all to be able to look back and see all that the Lord has done in and through your lives. I don’t think you all will ever know the real impact of your ministry until you receive your rewards in heaven one day. Your books, CDs, conferences, website, blog etc. have reached and touch so many families. Thank you for shining your light for the Lord and allowing God to use you in such a powerful way. It is not an easy thing to live our lives according to God’s Word in a world that is constantly pulling us in other directions and your family is such a huge encouragement. Blessings to you all.
    Thank you so much.

  10. Praise the Lord for blessing and encouraging sooooo many through you! While I know MOTH was/is written for and used hundreds, I know the Lord must have had me in mind when He called you to write it. 🙂 Bringing up and home schooling 12 children all born in 12 years on the mission field….I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thanked the Lord for the blessing your family has been to me. Thank you for teaching me to love my husband and my children, how to better keep my home and do all the Lord has called me to do with JOY!!!! I am soooooooooo thankful for the life the Lord has given me, I still have my hair, and now that my oldest ones are becoming “men”, I look back on those days when they were all so little with the greatest of memories. And I look forward to each and every day the Lord gives me to serve Him. Thank you, Maxwell Family. Thank you for being willing to be used and for being faithful. Happy 15 years! To God be the glory! He is so faithful and so good! Much love, Jaynee
    Amen and amen. Thank you.

  11. Congratulations on this special anniversary. 🙂
    Although I was unable to homeschool, you all (and your books) have ministered to me in so many ways. And I’m certain you all have touched countless lives for Jesus.
    I enjoyed seeing these photos—such a precious family–then AND now!
    Love, Mrs. Patti 🙂

  12. Thank you for this post. That was neat to get to see the old pictures of your family from years ago. All the kids are so precious. I enjoyed reading about how you got started making those books.

  13. Oh, I loved seeing all these pictures from the past! I’ve only known about your family and all your books for the past 4 years, so I haven’t seen many pictures of the kids when they were little. It brings back so many memories of when ours were young (now 13, 16, 20). But, of course, I love each age and stage they go through. Thanks for your wonderful blog and Godly example!

  14. Happy Anniversary! Words cannot describe how much of a blessing your ministry has been to me. I’m so thankful for your family!


    Thank you.

  15. Happy 15th Anniversary! My family has loosely followed a schedule but recently I believe the Lord has shown me that I need to be more intentional with our time/schedule. I had just decided to re-read MOTH when I saw this blog. It’s so neat to see how your family has grown through the years! Thank you for being a blessing to families who are struggling to find a way to use our time more wisely. Praying the Lord will bless your family and Titus2 ministry in the years to come!
    Thank you! There can be such freedom and productivity with a schedule. You can do it.

  16. Loved seeing this post. I’ve been scheduling for the past few years since I found you but my schedule was slim due to some medicine that had my metabolism drug down. I mentioned to my husband just this morning that I was having trouble sleeping. He suggested that I redo my schedule and fill it up much more so that I would be tired at night. I have one more med to wean off of over the next couple of months and then I will really have to revamp my schedule. I love being able to get more done. Busy has always been good for me.
    The older pics of the family are so sweet. The little girls are so cute. DoesMary have memory of those first conferences? She was a little bitty girl back then.
    Thanks for the post

    The other night they were all sharing good memories of those trips when they were young. We are amazed at the details they remember. 🙂

  17. We, enjoyed the article in the Samaritan newsletter about ITonRamp! Enjoyed the review of your years in ministry and look forward to seeing how God uses your family in the years to come!

  18. We really liked seeing some of your old pictures! 🙂
    Alicia and Alanna

    I had thought that I wouldn’t need the MOTH book when I had only one child. I thought, certainly I should be able to do it all. However, I kept having frustrating days of not getting to what was important. I read the book and have been using its methods since. Oh how great a schedule is! Now that I am on my way to three children, I am able to use the skills I have learned. Thank you!!!
    Thank you. Hearing that is a great encouragement.

  19. Congratulations on your milestone anniversary! 🙂 One of your granddaughters looks so much like little Mary. Blessings all around!
    Thank you.

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