End of Year Inventory

For those of you who have small businesses, you know what the end of year means: inventory, making any necessary year-end purchases, holding a corporate meeting, going over financials–among other things. Inventory was never my favorite part of the task, but it was something that had to be done. As our product lineup has increased, so has the time it takes to do inventory. In 2012, however, and again in 2013, Dad and Mom successfully tackled inventory, along with entering discrepancies into our financial software. They make an awesome team!

Serving Jesus,

Teri Maxwell

Steve Maxwell

Steve and Teri Maxwell
Dad and Mom

“The LORD is the portion of mine inheritance
and of my cup: 
thou maintainest my lot.”
Psalms 16:5

2 thoughts on “End of Year Inventory”

  1. With 2 family businesses, I sure can identify with all the end-of-year tasks (including inventory… and paperwork!!!). Although it can be overwhelming, and it means a lot of late nights at our house after the little ones are in bed, one of my favorite parts is how my husband and I get to work together as a team (and as the children grow, we look forward to including them also 🙂 ). I think that is one of the best benefits of a family business–you get to work together, celebrate accomplishments together and even discover strengths and gifts in one another that perhaps you would not have otherwise noticed. Congratulations on inventory and bookkeeping accomplished for 2013! I know what a wonderful feeling that is. 🙂 🙂
    And to you too!!! We love working as a team.

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