Family Times at Christmas

We had some special family times around Christmas. I particularly enjoy watching the little ones and seeing their enthusiasm for life.


Anna and Tina
I did something different this year. I made my to/from tags with pictures. I found Joshua looking at them. Pretty cute.
Bethany bought gifts for us with her own money. It was so sweet.
Joshua received a ball from his cousin.
Abigail gave each of the SAM aunts a solar-driven flower. It waves its “arms” when it’s in the sunlight. She also bought them with her own money.
The uncles received a waving snowman.
A gift we all enjoy each year is a calendar of pictures Melanie puts together.
Mary made GiGi handmade cards she can use throughout the year. It was a delightful gift.
Another great gift: something for Grandad to hold.
One of the picture to/from tags. Joseph and I were a team, thus, we’re the from ;).



Mary and Christina
Mary and Christina


The guys made Christmas breakfast: sausage gravy and biscuits.
Joseph, Jesse, and John
Joseph, Jesse, and John
Mom working on Christmas dinner.
We made cookies for the police force on Christmas Day.
The girls had dipped pretzels the week before, and Joseph helped to wrap them.
The finished product.


Joshua is holding a very special item, which he calls his shed key. He was fascinated with his daddy’s shed key, always wanting to carry it around. Grandpa made a similar shed key (but a key to nothing ;)), and it was Joshua’s favorite gift.

“And he hath put a new song in my mouth,
even praise unto our God:
many shall see it, and fear,
and shall trust in the LORD.”

Psalms 40:3


5 thoughts on “Family Times at Christmas”

  1. I always enjoy looking at the fun you all have as a family. I’ve decided to invite my extended family over next year. Not everyone can afford to buy gifts for everyone so I’ll have to figure out some way to get around that but I so dearly want my family together at one time.
    What does SAM stand for?
    We have one of those solar flowers. They are really cute.
    Mary’s card look beautiful. I love card making. Am working on my yearly Valentine project of cards to go to Children’s Hospitals. I hope to do at least 200, maybe more if I can keep up with everything else at the same time. I also send cards for my church to our Missionaries, military and shut- ins so card making I a special part of my time. I would love to see Mary do a post and show some of her cards sometime.
    Thank you for sharing your Christmas with those of us out here.

    SAM, Sarah, Anna, Mary, 🙂
    Great projects on the cards!!!! Very exciting!

  2. Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas. So happy that it went very well. Very creative with the gifts that were given. I always say that it doesn’t matter what the gift costs but the intention behind the giving.

  3. Looks like a lovely day! All the children look so grown up. 🙂 we have 7 children (ages 10 and under, with #8 due feb 8th) and this year we put each child’s name into a hat twice. Then one by one the children picked out two names each and they got to spend $10 on each name. And then we went shopping and helped the children pick out something special for each of those names. They loved it and did a good job with their choices.

    Christmas Eve my husband and I set out set out all the gifts (wrapped of course) in various spots around our lounge room and set up our video camera in one corner to get their reactions the next morning. It was worth it. My 15 month old walked into the room, eyes grew wide, and she exclaimed ‘ooohhhh!’ ‘Wooooow!’ So cute. 😀

    My mother in law did a similar thing with the photos on gifts. Except it only had pictures of the recipients on each gift. Was an absolute hit with children and adults alike.


  4. Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing. I want to second Johnna’s comment about Mary doing a post about her card making. I might have my girls do that for my mother-in-law who is always sending out cards for just about any reason. We would love the inspiration.:)
    Will pass it on!

  5. Enjoyed seeing all of the pictures- thank you for sharing your special family times! Wish we lived closer!

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