Sparkle of Joy

Yesterday afternoon we enjoyed a wonderful outside Aunties’ playtime that included much laughter, joy, running, and games. We were giving “airplane rides” on the swings and talking when we asked Abby and Bethany, “What are you looking forward to most about Christmas?”

Bethany immediately replied with a twinkle in her eye, “The Moodys!” She followed that by quickly saying that she had already done her memory verse! {{Sarah’s note: She and Abby each told me their verse–talk about melting my heart. Beautiful!}}

Serving Jesus,



Thou art my portion, O LORD:
I have said that I would keep thy words.”
Psalms 119:57

2 thoughts on “Sparkle of Joy”

  1. How sweet. My five year old has shared two of her verses already. She loves to cuddle up with me and read the Moody books. I love how they are such sweet stories and how Mollie is such a good example. When my girl is having a hard day, she likes to have me read whatever Moody book we are on. Since we have only had her six months, it’s a great bonding time.

  2. Such a special time with those little ones! You Maxwell young ladies are wonderful Aunties!! 🙂
    Love, Mrs. Patti

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