Christmas Comes to Sunflower Scripture Project

This month is a very special month because it marks the ten year anniversary of Summer with the Moodys being published. We praise the Lord for His mercy, grace, and guidance in this journey of writing. It’s truly exciting to see Him work!

The Basics:

With that said, we’re anxious to tell you about this special Christmas project: a Scripture memorization project! The goal? To hide God’s Word in your heart.

The four-week project begins Monday, November 11th, and ends Monday, December 9th. This project isn’t just for children; we’d love adults to participate too! We have exactly a week to spread the word and get as many Moody readers (and non-Moody readers!) as possible on board.

If you complete the challenge, you’ll receive (via e-mail) a mini eBook of several chapters called Christmas Comes to Sunflower. 

It’s December, and the Moodys are looking forward to celebrating Christ’s birth. However, an unexpected encounter with Marge Pair brings a new adventure their way. So, grab that cup of hot cocoa, sit near the fire, and be ready for this special Christmas edition called, Christmas Comes to Sunflower.


The Rules:

The rules are very simple. You may pick whichever verses of Scripture you want to memorize, just make sure you memorize the suggested number of verses for your age.

Ages 4 to 7: 1 verse per week; 4 total
Ages 8 to 10: 2 verses per week; 8 total
Ages 11 to 13: 3 verses per week; 12 total
Ages 15+: 4 verses per week; 16 total

The verses do not have to be consecutive. For example, if you’re ten years old, you could decide to memorize three verses from Colossians and five from Psalms. At the end of the project, the participant will recite his verses to one of his parents. It does not have to be word perfect ;). If a child is already memorizing a certain number of verses each week, those verses can count toward their number they need to memorize in the project, if so desired. Also, if you get behind with memorizing, that’s fine. You just need to be able to say your total number of verses by December 9th. If you can memorize more than the suggested number, wow, way to go! That’s awesome.

How to Participate

In order to participate, we ask each family to sign up at this link.

Final Details

Throughout the project, I’ll be posting some memorization hints. If you’d like to share your own ideas for me to encourage others with, feel free to e-mail me via the Contact Us form.

Just so you know, I’m in on this project too (besides writing the story!). When the project kicks off next Monday, I’ll post what passage of Scripture I’m going to memorize.

Our theme verse is Psalms 119:97: “O how love I thy law! it is my meditation all the day.”

So, jump on board! I think some moms may be doing extra memorizing as you help your non-readers ;).

Joyfully His,


I delight to meet Moody readers. Their enthusiasm for the books is so sweet!

“And I will delight myself in thy commandments,
which I have loved.”
Psalms 119:47

26 thoughts on “Christmas Comes to Sunflower Scripture Project”

  1. I use an iPhone app called, “Fighter Verses.” It is scripture memory app which provides several different ways to memorize scripture: sets it to music, lets you listen to the verse, has applicable scripture study, sets reminders so you do it each day or several times a day, you name it. It has really helped me keep it with me (since I do not take my Bible with me to work, although I have one at my office), and my kids love it too. This might work with this scripture memory study you are starting.

    Love you all.

    In Christ,


  2. This sounds wonderful. However, when I went to sign up it wouldn’t let me. I have two participants ages 4-7, and the first line it kept saying this field must be filled out (even though I had selected 4-7 already) and wouldn’t let me submit the form.

    Please try again. It should be working correctly now. You all caught a great bug ;). Sarah

  3. Wow! We are sooooo excited! Our family, parents included :), are participating! We look forward to encouraging each other as we hide God’s Word in our hearts. We look forward to the hot chocolate, fireplace, and family time reading Christmas comes to Sunflower! 🙂

    The Lord has used the Moody books to encourage and challenge our family. They are also great family time. Thank you for your faithful work for Him!
    Alicia and Alanna

    For they (His Words) are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh. Proverbs 4:22

  4. I tried to register through the link and was not able to. I am an adult and my son is in the AWANA program through our church and he has memorized so many verses of scripture! It has a big conviction for me. So this a great opportunity for me to hide His words in my heart! So, how would it work for an adult that wants to show her son that she is doing this to show him the need for memorization?

    ~~ Lydia
    Just enter your info and you are set.

  5. What a great idea!

    I’m trying to sign up my family, but I keep getting the error message, “There was a problem with your submission. Errors have been highlighted below.” The highlighted area is under the place where I select an age and includes the message, “This field is required. Please enter a value.” However, I did enter the age range 4-7 for my daughter’s age.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    We are getting lots of signups so we know it works.

  6. Hi Sarah,
    I was wondering if I memorize all my verses for my age in one week then spent the rest of the time getting it word perfect and understanding it a bit more would that still count?

    Also I was wondering me and my best friend might do this together as a little project. You said that we need to say are verses to are mum and dad however If me and my friend did this as a group project would it still count if we said our verses to each other instead?

    Yes. You do need to say them to one of your parents at the end though.

  7. This is perfect timing. We are beginning memorization on a 7 verse passage this week

    Thanks for making it even more fun.

    In Christ


  8. I think this contest is so fun! My daughter and I have talked about memorizing Scripture, so this will be fun to do together. Thank you so much for putting this together!
    In Jesus,
    P.S. We’re seeing friends this evening and we’re going to tell them about this! Hopefully they will join too!

  9. This is a great idea Sarah! That is a beautiful picture of you with the stain glassed windows in the background.

  10. A lot of excitement in our house. My soon to be 12 year old is over the moon excited. She turns twelve on the 11th which is our Remembrance Day to honor our fallen soldiers.

    We look forward to the ebook. We are currently reading book 8 and all 5 children (5 to 11 years) squeal with delight when is time to read. Actually, the 40 year old is excited and has to keep herself from reading ahead. The books are really a blessing because they are more than entertainment. They reinforce the greatest message given to us, the Gospel. I hope the stories don’t end.

  11. Would you please post an international sign up form? 🙂
    Thanks for the heads up. That’s fixed, so families can sign up from overseas now! Sarah

  12. We had the same problem registering because the first blank already reads 4-7 it didn’t work if we left it as 4-7. So I put one of the other children’s age groups first 8-10 or 15+. It took it fine then. But if you leave it as 4-7 it doesn’t let you finish. Hope this helps. Maybe it would be better if the first one was “none” like the others and then you picked an age, since we know there will always be at least one registering.

  13. Hi. I have a previous comment above where I said I kept getting error messages when I tried to register. In your response you shared that you were getting a lot of submissions, so you know the registration site is working. I tried again today, but I still am getting the same error message. I noticed the poster before me (Lydia) also said she was not able to register through the link. I’m not sure why some of us are not able to register, while many others are being successful, but I’m wondering what to do if my registration won’t go through. I have two children who are very excited about this project, so I’m hoping there is a way I can still register. 🙂

    Do you have any suggestions on what I can do, if my on-line registration won’t work? Thanks again.

    It’s fixed, and we’ve e-mailed, so you’re set now ;). Sarah

  14. For Amy and Daybreaking, it will work if you put yourself (15 to adult) in the first participant’s space, then use the subsequent spaces for your children (4 – 7). It looks like leaving the first participant box on (4 – 7) won’t “register” when you try to sign up since it is the defalt setting. Hope that makes sense!

    Great workaround! It’s fixed now.

  15. I had trouble the first time I signed up too. If I left it 4-7 it would say error. I started over and listed my oldest child first, then it worked.

  16. What a wonderful idea! We are already doing this, so I think we’ll skip the signing up, since there seems to be so many issues from commenters above about it not working.
    Sign up if you want the free Moody mini book.

  17. Sounds neat! I was wondering how many verses a 14 year old would memorize per week and the total verses. I didn’t see that age bracket on the post.
    ~Thank you~
    Yes, we missed it. It will be fixed. 3 verses per week. 🙂

  18. This sounds so neat!! Thanks for the encouragement to hide God’s Word in our hearts this holiday season. Our family is looking forward to it. E Family ~ Alabama

  19. Thanks for this challenge. We are getting so excited about it! It’s the perfect motivation I needed to finally memorize the virtuous woman proverbs (last half) I’ve wanted to for so long. My memory isn’t the greatest but I’m certainly going to try.
    My children memorize at least one verse per week and review other weeks already. I’m sure I’ve retained some of theirs from helping but I’m terrible with references. I’m looking forward to hearing suggestions for memorizing from you and others.

  20. I think this is a wonderful idea and I kept thinking I’d sign up, but kept forgetting. Then my 7-year old niece and 5 1/2- year-old nephew excitedly told me they were going to do it and I thought I’d do it with them. I enjoy the Moody books as much as they do even if I am older. 🙂

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