We’re Home!

Sixteen hours and nine minutes after we left Roanoke we pulled into home sweet home! We are grateful for the Lord’s protection through a storm and night driving. Mom and Anna were great to be the “keep the driver alert” buddies. Now to unpacking and settling in! Conference reports later! Joyfully His, Sarah

“This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24


15 thoughts on “We’re Home!”

  1. So glad you all got home okay:-) Looking forward to the reports! Hope you all get back to the east coast soon.

  2. I’m so glad that you all made it home safely! I am Looking forward to the conference reports.

  3. I too am glad that you are home, safe and all together and well after such along journey. We just drove 14 hours ourselves in one stretch so can sympathise. Thank you for all that you do in the Lord’s Name. Keep well and you continue to be in my prayers,


  4. Wow! seems like you weren’t home long and off you go again! roughly how much of the year on average does your family spend on the road? just curious. Praise God for families like yours! 😀
    It probably averages around 3 months.

  5. Glad you had a blessed trip! I have a question for the ladies. I am cooking for a large family and am on a budget. Could you please share some meal ideas, (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack) ideas. I need to do better at the grocery store with wise purchasing. I also shop at a “bulk” store. I would really appreciate any advice. You can also email me. You all are such an encouragement to me!
    Anna has been wanting to do a cooking post each week. She came home with a cold so has been a little less productive. She’ll have your comment to add to the list. 🙂

  6. Hi Maxwells,

    This is not relevant to this post but I was wondering how Anna Marie is feeling and hoping that her pregnancy is progressing well. I love to see the photos of all the little ones that you post. They are growing so quickly. Very glad you are home safe and sound.


    Cate N.
    Bless you for asking. In a word “radiant.”

  7. Sarah,
    So thankful you all made it safely. We so appreciate your sacrificial willingness to stay late with us and, as a result, drive through the night! What a blessing to meet you and your family and benefit from your ministry to our church. Praying for you all especially during your grandfather’s last days. Love and prayers, Pam
    Thank you. We were so blessed to be with you all! Thank you for your prayers.

  8. So thankful for all the entire family shared with us at the Roanoke conference. Truly family transforming thoughts. Our family will be feasting on it for months to come. We are excited to read your thoughts on it as well.

  9. So sorry to read the sad comment about the grandfather. I will be in prayer for your family as you walk this stage of life.
    I do hope Mary feels better soon. I would love to see a weekly cooking post.

    In Christ,
    Thank you. He knows the Lord and is ready.

  10. So glad to hear that you all are home safely!

    Oooh, I couldn’t help but read the comments about Anna making cooking posts?! Hooray!! I would love to see, we do so enjoy Anna’s recipes!

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