Just A Reminder: Quickbooks Course to Start Next Wednesday

Just a reminder that Christopher’s ITonRamp’s Quickbooks Course begins Wednesday, October 2nd.

This course is extremely practical, and you’ll learn bookkeeping skills, which are valuable for anyone who has a small business or wants to start one. Since it is only eight weeks, and ends before the holidays, the timing is perfect too. The course can benefit an entire family, although only one person will be answering review questions and interacting with the mentor.



“A wise man will hear, and will increase learning;
and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels”
Proverbs 1:5

4 thoughts on “Just A Reminder: Quickbooks Course to Start Next Wednesday”

  1. Great, hope to jump on board for your next session.
    This will give us time to plan ahead and carve out time
    in the schedule for our son to attend. We only
    want him to do practical HS math- and also- this
    could fit into vocational homeschool time.
    Praying for a great first session for the teacher and students.

  2. I just saw this blog post tonight. I just emailed my boss, submitting the idea to him the idea of him enrolling me in this class. As it stands now, I will soon be transitioning into a book-keeping job for the company. They already use Quickbooks, though I don’t know which year/edition.
    There still is time.

  3. This sounds like it would be helpful for us. When is the next scheduled class after this one?
    It starts this week. If you register tomorrow you can still get in.

  4. Great idea and very practical. QB is not particularly difficult but it is a bit overwhelming at first. I’ve taught a few people the basics, but unless you’re using it, I tell them, it won’t stick. I’m sure you’ve seen the interface on the newest edition. What a shock the first time I opened it. I thought I might need a course just to find where they moved everything.

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