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I’m excited to share ITonRamp’s newest course: QuickBooks!

This is such a valuable course—one from which every family with an entrepreneurial mindset can benefit. In addition, the course would be perfect for a small business owner. Managing business finances properly is crucial to a business’ success, not to mention the time and energy saved when bookkeeping is done properly and efficiently.

If you have a high school student, this course would be great for them. Think how beneficial the investment of time and money will be to your child’s future career.

I began using QuickBooks fourteen years ago, and how I wish I’d had these resources back then. Now you have the opportunity to sit down and learn from a certified professional in the QuickBooks industry.

The course is eight weeks long (running from October 2-November 20th) and includes weekly webinars, a study/reference book, and hands-on projects to help you apply the material.

There are two options when purchasing the course. If you already have QuickBooks Pro 2013, it’s $395 for the eight week class. If you need QuickBooks Pro 2013, choose the $595 option, and a fully-licensed, fully-functional, retail copy will be shipped to you.

Jump on board and sign up soon for Christopher’s QuickBooks Course.

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4 thoughts on “’s Quickbooks Course”

  1. I’m excited about this course…but don’t have the money (yet!). I’ve dabbled in quickbooks, but never got the “big picture”. Will this course help prepare for one of the quickbooks certification exams?
    The course will be going through one of the most comprehensive resources available which will help with the certification exam. Also, Christopher said he will give some ideas on how to prepare as well.

    Hope that helps.

  2. My son, Nathan and I are thinking about taking the course. What is a good way for this to work for two in one household?
    Thank you and we’re looking forward to at least one of us taking the course.
    Only one registers and officially participates. The other gets to “ride along” free and watch the webcasts.

  3. Do you think a child (14-15 year-old) should take a basic computer course first before the quick books course, or do you think they would be fine to take this course without a whole lot of computer knowledge?
    It is not to say they would not take a computer course in the future, just wondering if this course needs a lot of prior computer knowledge.
    I do need them to be able to install Quickbooks and then send me screenshots to show progress. I give instructions on how to capture a screenshot in the welcome email. It would be good if they can type and know how to copy+ paste. Beyond that, most things should be covered in the QB software. A normal 15 year old should be comfortable with the course.


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