What We Do While Driving and Life

We’ve settled back in at home since our last trip. I calculated how far we traveled in May, June, and July. It was almost 9,000 miles! That’s a lot of driving-down-the-road hours. I’m grateful, though, that we each have things to accomplish while we’re rolling along. Sometimes people wonder what we do during that traveling time. So, I’ll take a few minutes and share.

DSC_1305Dad-Is our great bus driver!

Mom-Her favorite thing to do is sit in the captain’s seat, parallel Dad, and talk with him while watching the scenery. Some scenery is more interesting than others, so on those days, she keeps her computer packed away in order to soak in God’s amazing creation. When she has projects to do on her laptop, she’ll work on those. Mom is also our chief navigator. She keeps an eye on where we are and upcoming turns. We have found it is far easier to make the correct turn, then try and find somewhere we can turnaround.

Joseph-He keeps busy with computer work just like he does at home. His work is quite mobile making it fairly simple to bring with him on our trips.

DSC_1799John-He usually stays busy with computer work. When Dad needs a break, John is our alternate bus driver. Plus, he’s our bus mechanic. For example, one evening last trip, we enjoyed a delightful time of fellowship with some friends of ours. When we went to leave the bus wouldn’t start. It appeared we would be stationary for the night until the problem was figured out. But, no, John was sure he could figure out the issue. I remember hearing him say it had to be something simple, and so he did troubleshooting for the next two hours. As I was keeping my married brothers updated on the situation, Nathan put it well, “John doesn’t give up easily.” It’s true. He perseveres. After two hours of work, John figured out the problem. For those of you who are wondering, it was a simple fuse that had blown. The issue was that the fuse was hidden in a hard to find location.

DSC_3846Anna-She is our incredible meal-planner-preparer girl. Anna keeps us well supplied with healthy, tasty food. She also helps out occasionally with blog posts. In addition, Anna has projects on her computer too or things to study. But, you sometimes will find her practicing her fiddle, which can be an interesting feat when it’s a windy day and the motion is pretty wild.

Jesse-He keeps busy with computer work and learning new skills.

Mary-She’s the last one doing school, so she continues with her studies. Mary has a portable drawing desk, so she’ll sometimes get our her desk and draw.

Me (that’s Sarah)-I work on blog posts, download pictures, pick out which ones I’ll share with you, adjust them in Lightroom, answer Titus2 e-mails, work on conference things, etc.

In addition, we enjoy lots of talking. Eating passes time too. We have our own little snack cupboard, where tasty things like beef jerky, granola bars, nuts, rice cakes, and crackers are located.

That gives you an overview of what life is like on the bus when we are moving.

Back to life at home. People are busy with work, ministry projects (like shipping out new books and preparing the August Corners), home projects, and normal life. Thank you again for all your comments on the Making Great Conversationalists Giveaway. They were wonderful!

Joyfully His,

Last Saturday, Joseph rented a jackhammer and began the process of tearing out his back patio. Due to some water issues in his basement, he tackled this project.
If you see the little hole in the middle, you’ll see how far the porch settled over the years. Pretty amazing!



Last Saturday, Jesse moved pallets around so he could fit the new books in.
I couldn’t resist this picture. The girls were playing a rousing game of tag, and even Tina, who has become very proficient at walking/running, was enjoying herself.
Anna shipped many orders out the other day!

It is better to trust in the LORD
than to put confidence in man.”
Psalms 118:9

9 thoughts on “What We Do While Driving and Life”

  1. Thanks so much for the overview of what you do while on the bus. I had been wondering how you all spent the time and it seems you are as busy on the bus as you are at home. I also really enjoyed seeing what Joseph was doing with his house. I LOVE home renovations and projects so it is really exciting to see what he’s up to with it.

  2. First, those little girls are so cute — great photo! And my other thought about your post was how nice it must be to have Anna playing her fiddle on the bus for live music – sure beats just the sounds of tires on the road (which always tend to make me drowsy, and then motion sick). 🙂 I imagine Joseph will be putting a deck onto the house – I remember seeing photos of your deck (or maybe it was Nathan’s) when it was being built and it was beautiful.
    The plan right now is a raised concrete patio. There wasn’t enough ground clearance for a wooden deck.

  3. Enjoyed the peek into your bus life. 🙂 Kudos to Anna as, from what I have found from personal past experience, keeping people fed in a moving bus can often be tricky! 😉

  4. I always enjoy reading about your family’s activities–whether at home or on-the-road. Thanks for sharing this post with us. And that photo of the little girls is precious! 🙂
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  5. I always wanted to know what you all do that time,so thank you for that Sarah!Also cute photo of girls.

  6. Wow Sarah! I love the picture of the girls playing tag…the coloring of the photo is stunning!

  7. Thanks so much for posting what you do on the bus. I think it is wonderful that you all get to spend that quality time together as a family all working towards a common goal.

    Unfortunatly I have been away and missed your book giveaway competition. I will be saving my money up to purchase the book soon. I cant wait to read it 🙂

    Have a blessed day Maxwell family

  8. Just started the new Moody book. We just love the I-J-N. We always listen when God lays something on our heart but we now believe we should look for more I-J-N opportunities.
    Thank you Sarah for including this idea in your books.

    Johnna and Stormie

  9. We enjoyed reading about what you all do in the bus. 🙂 It’s a good use of time.

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