We left our friends’ home promptly at 7 Friday morning. We opted to go the not-quite-so-scenic route up to CdA (Coeur d’ Alene), since the shorter, scenic route included less-than-bus-friendly roads. Still, the route we took was scenic enough ;). Mid-day, we stopped to purchase fresh watermelon, a favorite of most of the family. In addition to getting the watermelons, we had an impromptu tour of the watermelon packing shed. I had no idea so much work went into getting a watermelon from the field to the store. The next time I see a watermelon in a grocery store, I’ll appreciate the effort behind it!

After that, we continued on our way. The almost five hundred mile trek finished late afternoon, when we pulled into the church’s parking lot, our temporary home. Due to another event at the church, we didn’t have  Friday evening sessions but rather we made Saturday a slighter longer day. So, after dinner and Bible time, we set up. I think it was our fastest book table set up in a long time. Then, we went to bed, excited for what the Lord had in store for Saturday. That’ll be in the next post.

Joyfully His,


Not your usual sight.
Not your usual sight.


This machine took a picture of the watermelon, and then sorted it by size. Pretty neat.


We’re stocked up.


“I will speak of the glorious honour of thy majesty,
and of thy wondrous works.”
Psalms 145:5

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  1. Mmm. I like watermelon, and we don’t get it that often, but I enjoy it when we do!

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