We’re Still Here

Sorry for the lack of updates. I know; it’s been five days. 🙁

Life on the road is great. Our conference was such a blessing. We had some bus excitement Sunday evening. We’ve had a relaxful time with friends. Today we took a delightful day trip to Silver City. More updates and pictures later. We look forward to Coeur d’ Alene this weekend.





“As the hart panteth after the water brooks,
so panteth my soul after thee, O God”
Psalms 42:1

5 thoughts on “We’re Still Here”

  1. Aww! Love the little church house. Is it currently holding services?
    That is our understanding.

  2. Will you be posting pics of the Conference here in Boise?The kids have been hoping so:) Thanks!
    We have been pretty busy, but hopefully soon.

  3. Sarah, I have friends coming to see you all this weekend in Couer d’Alene this weekend. Know you will bless them! Have fun…it is a beautiful area!
    Very beautiful indeed!!! We will look forward to meeting them.

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