We had a restful night and an easy morning. By easy I mean we didn’t leave at 7 am ;). This trip, we’re not taking it the same way as we did our time out east. We’re going a bit slower, which is nice.

As we left Cheyenne, the terrain changed. It was such a pretty drive. Wide expanses, rugged mountains, herds of antelope, rock formations, grazing cattle, Union Pacific trains motoring along, and massive windmills.

One mental picture I have that really made an impression on me from today was a lone antelope at the top of a hill. Perhaps he was guarding his herd. Are we as Christians always on guard? May we be. On guard from sin and whatever things of the world that would try to pull us away from the Lord Jesus.

We had a bit of trouble this afternoon with the bus engine getting on the warm side. We’re grateful, though, that we could keep going, just going a bit slower as needed on grades.

We’re only about two or three hours from Eagle, so it’ll be an easy drive tomorrow. Thank you for praying for us. God is good!

Oh, one highlight this afternoon was stopping a rest area that has a hill we like to climb. Over the years, we’ve been there a few times, the last being on our way out to Christopher’s wedding. It was great to scale the hill and grab a few pictures. We have so many memories as we drive this stretch. “Oh, we stayed there,” or “Remember when?” or “Wasn’t that where we stopped in the snowstorm?”…

Joyfully His,




















“Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation:
the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”
Matthew 26:41

5 thoughts on “Today”

  1. Enjoyed these photos – – thank you! 🙂 I also like the reminder you shared that as Christians we need to be on guard against sin. ~ I feel as if I’m traveling right along with your family, and enjoying the scenery out west (vastly different from what we have here in Georgia!). 😉
    Continued prayers for you all.
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  2. Were you anywhere near Shell WY? That rest stop and the scenery looks like the one near there. I was out that way a few years ago on my way to Yellowstone
    Sorry but no. Passed through Cheyenne. Maybe on the way home though.

  3. Could you give me more information on the shoes worn by the Maxwell daughters? Brand name? Style (runners, walkers, etc.)? Are they so comfortable that you love wearing them? Do they have good arch support?

    My favorite company recently stopped making my favorite shoe, and I am on the hunt for a new favorite. The shoes in the picture look comfy and sturdy, which is what I need.

    It can be very difficult to find a comfortable exercise shoe! The shoes that you see in the photo are are hiking shoes and they are Merrell’s. For running, one of our favorites is the Gel Asics. I am not sure of the exact style of each shoe, but I do know that those are the brands that we like and have better arch support.

  4. So nice to see clear, Carolina blue skies in the pics! Down South, its been raining for about a month straight. Farmers can’t even harvest their crops and everyone is sloshin’ around! That’s funny that y’all put the two words together, “Remember when,” that’s the name of a real sweet country song! he, he.

  5. Yes, we must be on guard at all times. My husband and I have noticed just recently that the closer we get to God the harder Satan tries to separate us from Him. Right now the devil is really dealing my husband some misery regarding the church we go to. He doesn’t even want to go anymore. I’m in prayer that this destruction in our lives will subside, even if it means finding another church.

    Love the pictures. I enjoy hiking so I always like seeing pictures of your experiences. The cloud formation in the first picture is interesting.

    Praying for your safety. Looking forward to your posts.

    Thank you.

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