The Inspire! Conference Coming to the Boise Area

The Inspire! Conference will be coming to the Boise Area, July 12-13th. We’re thrilled the Lord opened doors for us to be there.


Please see this link for more details. Also, as a special side note, we’ll be giving away one Computer Essentials Course during the weekend, but in order to have a possibility of winning, you’ll need to have pre-registered your family for the conference.

We don’t go to the Northwest very often. If you’d like to coordinate a single-evening or a weekend conference while we’re out that direction, please contact us right away.

Exciting projects are happening around the Maxwell house. Stay tuned for more details!

For now, I’ll leave you with a testimony ;).

Joyfully His,

“My name is Selena and recently my four children and I attended the Be Inspired! conference. We also went early to the small business session, and we were very inspired. There were so many aspects of our life and our walk that were touched on, and we all left with a desire to love God and each other more.

My sons and I also left with a desire to start our own business. On the drive home the car was filled with enthusiastic talk and many ideas as to what we could do for our business.

When we got home, I spoke with my husband about everything we had learned. He caught this vision of a family business, and we began to plan. We decided on a lawn care business, but we told the kids we needed some time to save to begin to buy a few pieces of equipment. Later my boys shared this idea with my parents who were completely behind us. My dad then donated a lawn mower, weed wacker, blower and edger. We now had what we needed to begin. I drew up and printed flyers and my husband along with my sons started to pound the pavement. Flyers went out by the hundreds. Fast forward to one month later, my sons have 5 monthly accounts and have done 20 single jobs and the phone keeps ringing daily. They even earned enough money to buy a small trailer to hook up to my husband’s SUV. I am amazed at how the boys have banded together to work side by side and the closeness it has brought to our whole family as we work for a common goal. Thank you for inspiring us as we continue to walk with God!!!”


“Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall
strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.”
Psalms 27:14

2 thoughts on “The Inspire! Conference Coming to the Boise Area”

  1. OH my. LOVE it. He is so faithful!We all need to hear more testimonies like this!!!

  2. Love the testimony as well. Exactly something I think my ds would love. He just turned 11 and loves to design flowerbeds and has a wonderful working knowledge. Just wondering if the small business session is available for a download to purchase. Thanks for any info.
    The small business roundtable isn’t a download as it isn’t a presented workshop. Steve guides the discussion and provides content specific to what is being discussed. Those attending are engaged and therefore each one is quite different. We would encourage you to attend one.

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