Of Lifts and Caulk and Scraping and Fellowship

Monday, the guys decided to help our friends paint their home. Because of inclement weather and the amount of work it will require, it appears we’ll be extending our stay (happily!). After the conference, instead of departing for Kansas, we’ll return to our friends until Wednesday afternoon. Everyone is excited about extra time ;).

It was awesome to see willing helpers working as a team! Yesterday, outside the home, there was a flurry of activity, and not only were there caulkers, cleaners, and painters, there also were runners. Errand runners are an essential part of the team. There was a team of store errand runners, too, and I was very happy to capture a Moody picture using one of my sweet young friends on one of the store trips. God provides!

We are in prayer and anticipating this weekend’s conference. May we each delight in every minute Jesus gives us!

Joyfully His,






Joseph gave his ITonRamp webinar yesterday morning. 





 “And the Lord shall guide thee continually…” Isaiah 58:10

2 thoughts on “Of Lifts and Caulk and Scraping and Fellowship”

  1. Neat! We just got back from a vacation to some friends’ farm in Tenn. mountains. We extended our stay one more day so the boys could finish putting up several acres of fencing. We had so much fun helping this family, swimming in the creek with the copperheads ;), riding horses, etc.

  2. How wonderful that you all are helping this family, and what precious fellowship you’re enjoying too! 🙂

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