Learn a New Skill and Save Money

The PC Reloading course begins June 4th, and it’s a perfect one for families to take together. Learning how to reload your computer and have a “like-new” machine is a blessing. It is a skill that everyone with a computer can utilize that will save them headaches and finances in the future. Check out the website for full course descriptions.

Did you know with our ITonRamp courses, you can have one person in your family signed up, but everyone in the family can benefit by watching the webinar and studying the materials? The paying student will be the only one interacting with the ITonRamp mentor, turning in answers, and taking tests, but the rest can learn so much! The two most practical courses for families to benefit from are PC Reloading and Computer Essentials. Also, if the webinar happens to fall at an inconvenient time for you, no problem. You can watch the recorded webinar anytime throughout the week.

PS – We have some family posts to catch you up on over the next week. 😉


“He hath made every thing beautiful in his time…”
Ecclesiastes 3:11

5 thoughts on “ Learn a New Skill and Save Money”

  1. Thank you for all of this information. My husband and I were looking into the courses for our 12 year old, but not sure if it would be “over his head”. We were also wondering about the classes- if we weren’t available at the appointed course hour. Thank you for clarifying this. We look forward to utilizing all of these classes in the future. Just not sure how soon!
    The Computer Essentials course starting July would be a very good fit for him. We’ve had quite a few 12 years olds do well with it. The A+ course would likely be over his head. 14 years old is about the earliest we’ve seen someone go through it. Average age is closer to 18.
    Our webinars are presented live. However, they are also recorded. Thus, they can easily be viewed after the fact. This is helpful not only for those who cannot make the weekly webinar times, but also for those who would want to go back and re-watch a section that was harder for them

  2. I’ve taken both ITonRamp’s A+ and the Computer Essentials courses in the past 6 months, I highly recommend both. It’s hard to find godly training like I got from ITonRamp.
    The mentor contacts were great and to be able to see the webinars again after I watched them live, or to be able to view them after work was very helpful. The materiel covered in both courses are beneficial to know and use, I grew in my knowledge of computers in both. But I really learned a lot in the A+ course, as it is much more in depth.
    In this day and age, computer knowledge is so helpful in the home, workplace, and serving the body of Christ.
    I know everyone can benefit from these courses!

  3. Hi there,
    Our almost 12-year-old son is thinking of taking one of these courses. We were just sitting here wondering if there is also a web design class you could recommend. Thanks!
    First, CE would be pretty important and that starts in July. HTML #2 is soon starting but he would need HTML #1 first and that will likely be at the end of the year. See how he does with CE and then you can speak with Joseph about whether your son is ready to take HTML #1 in the fall.

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