“Check Your Passports!”

Here’s the story–finally!

Entering the United States went smoothly. About ten miles down the interstate, we stopped at a weigh station. It was a little unusual in that it was off the interstate in a small parking lot. As we finished, a vehicle pulled up in front of us, a man got out, and started running toward us, waving us down. Mom opened her window, and he said we should check our passports. We found that statement a bit confusing and maybe by the questioning look on our faces, he continued. He told us they had been behind us at the border. When it was their turn, they gave the agent their passports, but when he handed the passports back, there was an extra passport. They gave the extra one back to the border agent saying it wasn’t theirs. This man who stopped us said he was so glad the weigh station was open so he could catch us and see if we perhaps left one of our passports.

Sure enough, we counted, and we had seven–one short. We expressed our gratefulness to this man and headed back north. When we reached the border, a friendly US agent said, “Didn’t you just go south?” Yes, it’s true, our bus is hard to miss. Dad explained about our passport. Right then there was a knock on our door, and it was a uniformed border agent. We also saw an undercover SUV parked next to us. The agent from the SUV explained he had gone after us to give us the passport.

So, there you have it. An amazing story of the lost passport and how it was found. We praise the Lord for all the details that worked together for us to recover the passport. We were grateful for the kindness of the one man who followed us to inform us and the border agent who, far above and beyond the call of duty, came after us to return the passport. Border agents have a pretty thankless job, but we are grateful for the job they do and amazed at the professionalism of the squad at Pembina.

Eight US citizens thank you, Pembina!





“Bless the LORD, O my soul:
and all that is within me, bless his holy name.”
Psalms 103:1

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