A Step Into the Past

On Friday, we were blessed to tour the Mennonite museum in Steinbach, Manitoba. The city of Steinbach, founded by Mennonites, is packed full of Christian history.

Our conference coordinator was very kind to take us to the museum. We enjoyed the indoor area of the museum that informed us of the Mennonites’ lineage and culture.

My favorite part of the museum was the outdoor village. Replica houses, churches, printers, blacksmiths, barns, and a restaurant lined the streets. It was fascinating learning about their lifestyle. I couldn’t imagine the struggles they endured as they immigrated to Canada often during the autumn resulting in many deaths during the winter.

We were amazed at the small kitchens, knowing how much work those women would have done without electricity! Houses which attached to the barn, were called housebarns, which nicely described the functionality of the two buildings.

Thankfully the rain mostly held off till we were finished!

Jesus’ Girl,




A survival chest with basic items.
This quilt depicts a Mennonite settlement. It looks really pretty, but wait until you see the pictures below.
See how the squares look like fields, some with crops?
Now see the houses!






An old printer!
The blacksmith’s shop
Can you imagine working in your fields with this tractor?


A housebarn, looking down the hallway into the barn area.
Here’s where that hallway leads you to.
And finally, you end up here!
A summer kitchen. Don’t you love the floor?
The pioneers used Roman numerals to determine the correct location for the logs. In fact, because of that system they were able to transport this original house to that location. Here the family’s finding those numbers.



A replica of a house partially underground.

“We will not hide them from their children,
shewing to the generation to come
the praises of the LORD, and his strength,
and his wonderful works that he hath done.”
Psalms 78:4

9 thoughts on “A Step Into the Past”

  1. Love it! would of loved to go there myself. We are so blessed with all the modern convieniences we have!

  2. Is pic #1 quilting or weaving?

    They must have a tradition of removing shoes before entering the home. Otherwise the floor wouldn’t stay pretty. Did they mention how they maintain such a display of art?
    Quilting. We did see quite a bit of art.

  3. What a wonderful look back at history! Thank you so much for sharing these photos–that quilt especially is amazing. 🙂
    Continued prayers as you minister for the Lord at the Expo this weekend.
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  4. Wow! That tractor would be SOOO fun to drive! Gotta love them old farm workers since they’re so sturdy. They run much better than an actual John Deere that’s brand new. Loved the pics! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the photos — thanks for sharing! I was wondering since you have several girls in your family who sew, do any of you quilt?
    Sarah, Anna and Mary sew, but they don’t quilt.

  6. Wonderful pictures, thank you for sharing. The girls should really try quilting, it is so rewarding. While I enjoy making clothes, the satisfaction from a quilt is wonderful. There are also charities that you can make small quilts for that send them on to sick children in the hospital. That is a wonderful way to pass on Jesus’ love.

  7. I love that quilt and your other pictures as well. My father was raised Mennonite in Saskatchewan which is just the next province west of Manitoba. Before they lived in Saskatchewan they were from Manitoba, before that Russia! Thanks again for taking us on a tour of the museum.

  8. Welcome to Manitoba! We live about an hour from Steinbach and have visited the museum numerous times, most recently on Mother’s Day! I hope you enjoyed your time in Manitoba!

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