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Teri and I have been working on a new resource for months, and it is finally getting close. We are in the final weeks of editing before it goes to the proof reader. We have felt this resource is extremely important and something every family will want. Most are interested in the topic of courtship, however, this resource has to do with an all important component, sadly lacking in most youth and a prerequisite for courtship. We look forward to sharing more with you about it in the coming weeks.

Steve and Teri


“All the paths of the LORD are mercy and truth
unto such as keep his covenant and his testimonies.”
Psalms 25:10

16 thoughts on “Coming Soon!”

  1. I cannot wait to hear more! As a mom of children approaching the junior high ages, I have been very interested in the idea of courtship and have appreciatively watched you model this with your children. Thank you for your willingness to share and to train those of us who want to raise our children in a God-honoring way.

  2. I’ve been blessed by everything your family has written, I’m sure that this will be a blessing too.

  3. Oh yes! Very interested! We are not just fast approaching this season–we are here now! Godly advice and encouragement is MUCH appreciated!!

  4. We definitely need courtship guide books from a biblical view point. In a world where feminism and humanism are the norm, there are so many Christian parents who are looking for truth for them and for their children and also how to stand strong when the winds of deception are strong. Dating is harmful to the spirit of a newly emerging adult to say the least. I would love to hear what you have to say and how to keep our children in-tune with Godly principles before moving on to start a new family and household. Even in home school groups this principle is neglected but definitely needed to protect the young ones parents have worked so hard to raise. Your family is an encouragement on instilling Godliness in family and that is a blessing.

  5. I am too excited about this new resource. You can count on me to buy it! I have a daughter going into jr high and we’ve already discussed courting instead of dating. She even brought it up and feels this is the best choice for her. Praise God!

  6. This sounds great! We have been praying the LORD would put something like this on your heart. We are very excited! We will continue to pray for the LORD’s leading in this project. Gratefully looking forward to this new resource.

    May the LORD continue to bless you all abundantly.

    Joyfully serving Him,
    M Family

  7. After reading your book “Keeping our children’s Hearts” and hearing you and Teri speaking of courtship many times in the book we wondered what exactly that was and wanted you to expand on that idea. We can’t wait to get you new book! We are going through the “Keeping our children’s Hearts” book for a 2nd time, this time together prayerfully considering and writing down how we with God’s help will strive to honor HIM with how we raise and shelter our home. Thanks be to God for the blessing you are to so many parents (and children). Love in Christ.

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