Resurrection Sunday

Friday afternoon, Anna and I started the food preparations for Resurrection Sunday. Spring winds were gently blowing in the open window, making for a perfect baking day! I think it’s always best to bake with a sister or Mom, because it goes twice as fast and is more enjoyable than being in the kitchen alone!

A young missionary couple were staying with Christopher and Anna Marie for the weekend. The young man preached a great message Sunday morning about our life in Christ being like a seed. When the seed, which appears to be dead, is buried in the soil and then watered, it grows and finally multiplies. In a similar way, when we die to ourselves, and are watered by God’s Word, then we will bring forth spiritual fruit. It was a very good analogy.

Sunday evening all the relatives came over for a family dinner. After that we moved into a special time of reading God’s Word about Jesus’ resurrection. Don’t we have so much for which to be thankful?

Serving Jesus,

Making potato casserole.



Layering the salad.
Anna made crepes, and Joseph scrambled eggs.
The crepes were amazing! Anna made two different kinds: plain and chocolate. In addition, there were several different toppings and fillings. Yum.


Church Sunday morning.





Dinner group, minus the photographer ;).
Bless Christopher’s heart! He washed all the dishes after our big meal.

“He is not here: for he is risen, as he said.
Come, see the place where the Lord lay.” Matthew 28:6

11 thoughts on “Resurrection Sunday”

  1. The food and the fellowship for Resurrection Sunday sound wonderful. I would love to know how to replicate Anna Marie’s lovely hairstyle. Might she consent to a tutorial?

  2. I would love to know how Anna Marie dose her hair so beautiful and twisted in that bun.

  3. It makes me cry each time I think of what Christ did for me. Your celebration looks lovely!

  4. Lovely post, guys. Nice to see Mary starting to post also. The food sure did look delicous.
    Loved the photo of little Joshua in a tie. He looks so like his Dad. Anna Maries hair looked so nice. Just curious, does she do her hair herself or does she have help with it? looks like you would need 3 pairs of hands and a big mirror to get it looking that good!
    Praise God or “Buíochas le Dia” as we say here in Ireland

  5. Hello, Nice to see you blogging, Mary! I was wondering what is in the layered salad? Never heard of it before…

    God Bless!

  6. Hello dear Maxwell Family!

    Thanks for sharing the pics with us! We LOVE the one of Anna Marie holding Joshua! He looks so happy!

    God bless from NJ

    Lisa and Hannah and Family

  7. Nice pictures! I love the plate in picture 6 (the one with the crepe and the eggs). Would you be willing to share what the pattern name is? Thank you!

  8. What a blessing to have the whole family together for the holiday! Did Nathan and Melanie visit with her family as well? I seem to recall that they are relatively close by.

  9. As usual, just love the encouraging updates and posts!
    Just wondering-was that a pizza cutter to de-rib the lettuce? If so, I’d like to more if you have time. Appreciate it!

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