Our “Up North” Conference

Note: Sorry this is late. Have a blessed Palm Sunday! — Sarah

Last Monday afternoon, we pulled into the parking lot of the church in Red Bluff. The town is surrounded by stately mountains. After a delicious lunch of tacos (thank you, Anna!), we set up the book tables and rooms. Anna and Mary are experts with figuring out how best to utilize the space in each church. Years ago, I did the entire set up myself, and now it’s a joy to see my sisters manage it.

One family arrived early to spend time with Dad and Mom. In addition, we had the pleasure of enjoying Bible time with them outside the church on park benches.

Instead of starting the evening conference at 7, the first session began at 5:45 in order to allow time for three time slots. The evening went quickly. It was a pleasure to see several families we had met previously, along with many new ones. Hearts were open to what was shared.

Joyfully His,


Red light, green light…









“Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace,
whose mind is stayed on thee:
because he trusteth in thee.”
Isaiah 26:3

5 thoughts on “Our “Up North” Conference”

  1. Wonderful photos! I always enjoy seeing the precious children that you all meet at the conferences. Seeing those eager little faces in person must be a delight. 🙂
    Continued prayers for you all.
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  2. Dear Maxwells,

    I am often struck by the joy on the faces of the people at your conferences, when photographed by Sarah or Joseph, and that says more to me about the peace that comes from walking with the Lord than any words.

    One photo has the question about the craziest thing you would do for Jesus…well, today I intitiated a conversation about God and Easter with a perfect stranger and that was pretty crazy for me. Still, there is more I could do, so thanks for making me feel as if I AM at the sessions.


    Cate N.

  3. Thank you for coming up “North”, our family enjoyed your evening conference. It was a refreshing, review. The children have been inspired and motivated, we all have! We were unable to make it down to Cameron Park this year and we were grateful that you came a little further north! We traveled an hour and a half south that night. What was the small business conference that was mentioned on the survey? Is it something new that you are doing? We do have a small family business. We traveled south to Lodi, CA two years ago for a weekend conference. You have a wonderful ministry! Keep up the good work! God Bless! Pam
    Thank you for coming. The business roundtable is a time of exchange and presentation on the subject of self-employment. It has been very well received.

  4. I truly enjoyed the Maxwell Family concert at the Lighthouse Bible Church in Simi Valley, CA on March 24, 2013. So good to talk to members of your family at the potluch dinner & after the performance at the Church. My prayers are with you on your travels.

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