14 thoughts on “Joshua Tree National Park”

  1. Do you all have any videos posted online? I’d love to hear you all sing and speak.
    Thanks- May our Lord grant you safety while you are on the road!
    No videos but the family music CD will be added to the cart pretty soon.

  2. beautiful!!! how do you get the stars to show up like that?


    Put the camera on a tripod, with ISO 2500, f2.8, and 20-30sec exposure.


  3. Oh by the way, have you ever thought of releasing some of your scenery photography for others to use as back drops on their computers/screen savers. I know a few professional photographers will on occasion release a image or two for people to use. Such beautiful work!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Peaceful, and calm and if He numbers the stars and calls them by name – oh how much more He loves us and how often He must whisper our names.

    Thanks for sharing pics – as always you and the conferences will be in the T family prayers!

    As a side note I purchased two of “Sweet Relationships” one for myself and one for a friend. One of my favorite yet- Teri. I am in the midst of chapter 5. Ordering two more later in the week to bless two other friends. THANK YOU for this wonderful resource. A perfect individual or small group study guide and definitely a resource for mothers and daughters.

  5. I agree with Mary that it reminds us of how precious we are to the Lord when we see the stars and the night sky – in fact, all the beauty of Creation!

    Thank you for your updates and I am so glad the trip is a safe one, and an encouraging one for your ministry and the people you are meeting.

    Love, Cate N.

  6. Wow, those are amazing photos! So clear! Thank you for sharing these. I agree — you should make notecards from some of the beautiful outdoor photos you have shared. I’m afraid with the internet, many of us have lost the art and courtesy of sending handwritten notes. I know I love getting them so always like to have a nice supply on hand, too.

  7. Beautiful photography! 🙂 Continued prayers as you travel and minister to others for our Lord.
    Love, Mrs. Patti

  8. I do not know if yall say that in the last photo, there is a shooting star!! Past the tree to the front of the bus, it is on the left.

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